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50 Strips of Self Adhesive 5g Weights

Product Code: TBDA04


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High quality self-adhesive wheel weight strips, 60g strips divided into 5g sections.

Application of Adhesive Weights

1 Preparation work

Rotate the tyre and determine the wheel imbalance in both planes. Ideally the weight, rim and ambient temperature should be around 15 degrees centigrade as this enables the adhesive backing to perform at its best. Clean the rims with an appropriate cleaning agent to avoid grease and silicone residues on the rim.

2 Removing the protective backing

Having identified the weight position to the rim, peel off the protective backing without touching the adhesive.

3 Assembling the weight

Now press the weight to the rim from the middle towards the outer edges. The pressure should be applied for at least 20 seconds. After assembly 80%-90% of the final adhesive force is achieved after approx 24hrs. Full adhesive force is achieved after 72 hrs.
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