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Gripster Skins Double Sided Grip Glove - Large ( Box of 50)

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GRIPSTER SKINS from Grippaz™ are superior Nitrile gloves offering unparalleled strength and grip with its patented technology. This fit for purpose glove is ideal for mechanics, engineers, agriculture and general use. Maintaining a superb grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. GRIPSTER SKINS use a specially formulated Nitrile organic compound that offers excellent performance against Machine Oils, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Grease, Bleach, Sodium Hydroxide, Ammonia, Detergents and Solvents.

GRIPSTER SKINS are the only choice when it comes to great value, robust and long lasting disposable gloves.

• Unique double sided fish scale traction grip for wet and dry conditions
• EXTRA Strong, EXTRA Thick, EXTRA Grip
• Specially formulated Nitrile for comfort stretch with superb snug fit
• 100% Nitrile. Latex Free. No issues with latex protein allergy.
• Chemical Resistant
• Powder Free
• Ambidextrous
• Pack contains 50 pairs of GRIPSTER SKINS

Official test results prove GRIPSTER SKINS outperform other manufactured Nitrile gloves. In grip tests conduction by the UK's leading testing house for PPE product, GRIPSTER SKINS outperformed all comers, including marketing leading brands. Tests were against motor oil and detergent/water.
GRIPSTER SKINS were ranking No.1 in the following 2015 Grip Tests:

• Pinch Grip Test - Motor Oil Test* with 1kg Load - GRIPSTER SKINS No.1
• Whole Hand Grip Test - Motor Oil Test* with 6.5kg Load - GRIPSTER SKINS No.1
• Pinch Grip Test - Detergent/Water Test with 1kg Load - GRIPSTER SKINS No.1
• Whole Hand Grip Test - Detergent/Water Test with 6.5kg Load - GRIPSTER SKINS No.1

*10W40 Motor Oil. Tests conducted against motor oil, detergent and water by SATRA Technology Centre UK CE0321.

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