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Supertracker Windows Computer Wheel Alignment System

Product Code: DDTBDSTR420RW


( £10,920.00 inc VAT )


The Supertracker STR420RW wheel alignment unit features all the latest technology, covering all aspects of adjustability within the modern vehicle chassis. The fast set up speed of the machine will enable you to do a high volume of alignments per day.

Using the upgraded BT2 data transmission process, this allows a greater range and faster transmission times over and above Bluetooth. BT2 transmissions allows for multiple aligners to be used on the same site. The greater range gives the option to quick checks on vehicles virtually anywhere on the workshop floor or even outside. Thus only the cars proven to need adjustment will take up ramp time.
The 420 aligner is impressively quick, from the initial set up to full alignment readings in a time of 59 seconds. It can be used on a Full Wheel Alignment Lift, Standard Four Post Lift, 2 Post Lift, Pit and on a level surface.

The easy to use step by step alignment programme using a Linux operating system again offers speed and reliability. With Linux you also eliminate the damage to the system by electrical spikes or accidental turning off or power cuts, there will not damage the system.

STR 420RW computer standard equipment
1 x Mobile Computer Workstation
1 x Industrial Specification Linux/ Windows Computer
1 x 19" Colour TFT Monitor
1 x Computer Keyboard
1 x Colour Inkjet Printer
1 x BT2 Cordless Digital Infra Red Measuring Heads
1 x Lithium Re-Charging System
1 x Foot Brake Pedal Depressor
1 x Steering Wheel Lock
4 x Wheel Hangers 12" to 24"

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