Honest and Impartial Advice – That is The Tyre Bay Direct Way!

Tyre Bay Direct have been supplying equipment to mobile tyre-fitting van businesses for many years. The company feels it is their impartiality, combined with an ability to provide the customer with so many different options that set them apart. The company has its own budget brand, the immensely popular Redback by Untie line. In addition, […]

The affordable tyre equipment brand from the USA to you – Atlas Updates this Summer!

Due to the constant demand for innovation and upgraded tyre fitting equipment, we have even more changes to share with you from across the pond. American giant Atlas Auto Equipment continues to provide industry-leading garage equipment, and we at Tyre Bay Direct remain the exclusive supplier of these quality machines. We always want to provide […]

Mobile Tyre Fitting: Take the right steps with Tyre Bay Direct!

Are you looking for an extra service to boost your garage? Taking your services on the road and offering flexible mobile tyre fitting could be the move you need to boost your revenue, remain competitive and help your customers all at once. Your customers will welcome the convenience of mobile tyre fitting with open arms […]

Proof that once you go Platinum, there is no going back! [Case Study]

There was a time when the Atlas Platinum badge on your garage equipment meant nothing to anyone this side of the Atlantic. A lot has changed then. Not only is Atlas Platinum a serious contender in the tyre machine industry, but there is no other choice for some fitters!  Take TQ1 MOT Centre in Torquay for example. When […]

Mobile Tyre Fitting Van Conversion: The Atlas Treatment

We’re pleased to share with you one of our latest mobile tyre-fitting van projects, with nothing but the stock shell of a Mercedes Benz van to work with! What goes into making a mobile tyre fitting van? Starting in the cab, we have installed a couple of great essential features including the intelligent runlock system. […]

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