The need to educate customers on why they must check their engine oil…

Do you check your engine oil? How often? Do you meet the manufacturer’s recommendations? From a recent study conducted by Kwik Fit, here are some shocking stats: One in five (19%) UK car owners never check the oil that is running in their car Some three million people (8%) admit to not knowing how to […]

Significant concerns over delayed vehicle servicing across the UK!

Over a year on from the beginning of the UK’s first lockdown, the knock-on effect of the global pandemic is causing some concern over the safety of passenger vehicles. The latest research by heycar suggests, as many as 7.3million vehicles on the roads have not been serviced for over a year. One in five drivers […]

American Two Post Lifts redesigned for the UK & European garage equipment market!

Over the years, Tyre Bay Direct has been lucky enough to build strong relationships with different suppliers from across the industry, to bring you one of the most comprehensive offerings for any fast fit tyre shop or tyre bay. In fact, we don’t think there is such a diverse range of budget-friendly to premium tyre […]

Tyre Bay Direct’s garage equipment installations with a joined-up approach!

Did you know that Tyre Bay Direct is part of an elite group of companies that work side by side under ISN Europe? By being a sister company to the likes of Hofmann Megaplan, ToolTruck UK and Atlas Platinum, Tyre Bay Direct, can offer an expert garage equipment and installation service through our relationship with […]

TPMS: What are the most common Tyre Pressure Monitoring System issues?

It could be seen as daft putting such a delicate sensor within a tyre, somewhere that is under constant pressure and strain whilst the vehicle is moving. But in actual fact, these sensors are tough and provide vital information on the performance of our tyres. That’s not to say that they are invincible though! Just […]