Unite Tyre Changers – Where are they now?

Tyre Bay Direct has long been associated with the Unite tyre changer and wheel balancer equipment. Introduced in the mid-2000’s, Unite tyre changers quickly gained popularity for their outstanding quality and unbelievably affordable price point. The Unite tyre changer reviews that became available online only added to the reputation and demand for this product. By […]

Why do we need Nitrogen Tyre Inflation?

Tyre pressures are critical as the footprint of a tyre is the only contact a vehicle has with the road. The only control you have is dependent on that footprint operating the way it was designed to which means, at the correct pressure. Most people are well aware of the fact you are supposed to […]

What are the benefits of a Tyre Machine Package?

It is critical that as one of the leading garage equipment suppliers in the UK, we are able to provide everything that a working auto repair shop needs to change, repair and inspect tyres. We have recently updated our product line to offer you the very latest technology in practical packages. Tyre changing is a core […]

Amazing news from Tyre Bay Direct – We are now part of the Atlas Equipment Team!! – October 5th, 2017

After a short period of business interruption, Tyre Bay Direct is now fully operational and servicing customers as normal. We are excited to announce that as of 29th September 2017, Tyre Bay Direct became the UK arm for one of the USAâ™s biggest and best equipment suppliers, Atlas Automotive Equipment. With 13 locations across the […]