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There is nothing worse for a vehicle owner than getting a flat battery.

That’s why at Tyre Bay Direct, we have everything you need to keep your customer’s car battery running. Shop our popular battery boosters and car battery chargers to give your customer’s vehicle battery a new lease of life and a longer life span.

Boost your Battery Care – Shop Now:

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    Not just for Winter!

    Ensuring the longevity of your customer's car battery shouldn't just be a service your offer throughout the Winter.

    The battery of a car can run flat at any time throughout the year (when you least expect it to or when you least want it to) - being able to handle these customers can give a real boost to your everyday services and your entire revenue stream.

    Is it time to invest in a reliable Battery Booster for cars?

    Yes is the answer and it is about time too!

    But if you're not quite sure what battery care product is best for your garage services, our team are ready for your call to lend a helping hand.


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