Tyre Inflation Gauges

With the cost of motoring increasing, it is important to make sure that your customers know that inflating tyres is more crucial than they think. Correct tire inflation can improve the fuel economy of their vehicle and the vehicles handling, resulting in a more responsive drive. With that in mind, your tyre bay or workshop needs to have the correct equipment, tools and tyre inflation gauges to service your customers.

Tyre Bay Direct stock a range of the highest quality, cost effective and accurate tyre inflation gauges including Pcl Twin Hold-on Connectors (closed End) , PCL Dial Type Gauge with Single Clip on Connectors and digital tyre pressure gauges such as the PCL ACCURA MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator .

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PCL Tyre Inflators & Fittings

There are two types of PCL tyre valve connectors- Open End and Closed End.

An Open End connector is used with MK3 Tyre Inflator, PCL Wall Gauges and PCL Portable Gauges. This type of connector has black handles and contains a pin that unseats the tyres valve when in use.

Used when air is supplied directly from a main air line (eg, compressor) a Closed End connector has red handles, and uses a non-return valve that unseats on connection to the tyres valve, allowing air to flow in the tyre.

PCL Tyre Pressure Gauge

PCL, manufacturers of the largest range of tyre pressure gauges, are a brand you can trust. PCL inflation gauges are renowned for reliability and durability, giving their high quality products the highest reputation within the industry. A common sight in workshops, garages and service bays, these gauges are easy to read, accurate and meet all safety standards, giving you total confidence that you are buying the best.

Need new Airline Fittings?

We stock a range of Airline Fittings and Adapters to compliment PCL Tyre Inflators and Pressure Gauges.

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