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Tyre Consumables

75mm Twisted Wire Wheel

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Tyre Repair Tools & Accessories

3mm Carbide Cutter

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Tyre Consumables

6mm Carbide Cutter

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Tyre Consumables

8mm Carbide Cutter

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    Tyre Consumables

    10mm Carbide Cutter

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    Tyre Repair Tools & Accessories

    Bench Top Tyre Spreader

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    Knock on Weights for Steel Wheels

    Small Essential Tyre Consumable Pack

    £75.59 incl VAT£62.99 excl VAT
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    Tyre Repair Tools & Accessories

    Lisle 19822 Tyre Tube Test Tank

    £77.99 incl VAT£64.99 excl VAT
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    Make Tyre Repairs an easy fix!

    Here at Tyre Bay Direct we have a super understanding of the frustrations when it comes to stock control and keeping your services running as efficient as possible without breaking the bank. That's why we make sure your well needed tyre repair tools are delivered to you the next day to ensure minimal disruption to your ongoing service supply, without extra charges for the convenience. Our online store runs 24/7, so you can order everything you need whenever you need it!

    Package Inclusive

    Looking to purchase not only your tyre repair tools but tyre fitting machines as well? You can find some of our tools included in our tyre fitting machine packages online today...


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