Specialist Tyre Valves

We stock a range of Specialist Valves including High Pressure Snap In Valves, Bolt In Metal Valves and Metal Valve Cores. Did you know we also offer Custom Printed Valves? These make for a unique way to advertise to customers. You can also purchase your Standard Snap In Tyre Valves with us as well.

Shop Specialist Vehicle Valves

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Specialist Tyre Valves

E600r High Pressure Snap in Valve

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Specialist Tyre Valves

525m Bolt in Metal Valves

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Specialist Tyre Valves

TR218A Air Water Valve 110mm Dia

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Specialist Tyre Valves

Set of 4 Flush Fit Valves

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Specialist Tyre Valves

Metal Valve Cores

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Specialist Tyre Valves

90 Degree Metal Tubeless Tyre Valve

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Types of Specialist Tyre Valves:

High Pressure Tyre Valves

We have in stock High Pressure Snap In Valves that are designed for medium and heavy-duty trucks, trailers, vans and motorhomes.

Typically used in steel wheels, High Pressure Snap In Valves combine a rubber snap-in base with a metal barrel and plastic cap. We also stock Bolt In tyre Valves.

Many of these are perfect for use as truck tyre valvles.

Tyre Valve Extenders

Vehicles that use wheel trims or covers may use tyre valve extensions. Valve extenders make it easier to check and adjust tyre pressures. Using an appropriate length tyre valve extender or metal high pressure tyre valve extension that is threaded to accept a valve cap allows air to be added and escape easily when needed. It avoids mud or other debris blocking the valve, making it impossible to work on.

In general it can be helpful and save time when inflating wheels fitted with short or difficult to reach tyre valves, to use Metal Extensions or Flexible Rubber Valve Extension. Don’t forget, we stock Valve Hand Tools too!

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