Hofmann Megaplan ‘Elite’ Super Automatic Tyre Changer + Junior XL Wheel Balancer 2D

£4,995.00 ( £5,994.00 inc VAT )

The megamount ‘Elite’ is a high-performance tyre changer from market leader Hofmann Megaplan.

Designed exclusively for Tyre Bay Direct, the Elite bridges the gap between the hugely popular 513 and 613 models, providing some flagship features including:

  • 24″ clamping
  • The classic Hofmann Megaplan ‘tapered’ turret for extra strength
  • Super-automatic operation

The Junior XL Wheel Balancer represents the very latest generation of wheel balancer. Boasting the option for Automatic 3D Data Entry, all parameters are entered automatically using the addition of an outer measuring arm to complement the inner gauge.

The all-new ‘monitor-style’ large LED display on the Junior XL and the new chassis design give the balancer a far more practical and aesthetically improved design.

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