The importance of wheel balancing & wheel alignment services after pothole damage

No matter where you’re planning on driving to, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across at least one pothole in the road on your journey. In fact, 9% of the UK’s road network is considered to be in general poor health and will likely require maintenance in the coming year. How many times have you driven […]

Why should you be offering Wheel Alignment Services to your customers?

Whether it is tyre changing, wheel balancing or wheel alignment, all of these services contribute to the longevity of your customers’ tyres and their vehicles’ performance, and are essential to the efficiency and safety of vehicles. Full stop! As all garages will know, the only issue is that many of your customers are not aware […]

How do I get started with Wheel Alignment Services? Atlas Equipment can help!

Fed up of sending customers down the road for their alignment? Equally struggling to find the right wheel alignment machine that is both efficient, easy to use and within budget? A focus on budget and a lack of understanding of a machine’s key features is often the reason garage owners fail to purchase the right […]

Winter Tyres: The Debate.

  It is the same discussion every year when it comes to winter weather and if it is necessary to apply appropriate tyres or not. But is it really worth the expense? Before you even consider investing in winter tyres, make sure that the manufacturer of your car recommends the use of such tyres otherwise […]

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