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Do you have some unaswered questions? Do you want to know the correct way to repair a tyre, or how to use adhesive weights? What’s the latest TPMS information?

At Tyre Bay Direct we always like to keep our customers up to date with the latest information from the Tyre Industry as well as some articles to give those starting out a good grounding in the process of Tyre Fitting.

Our Knowledge base continually grows with more and more information available so please feel free to contact us if the information you require isn’t here, you too can add to our knowledge base.

How to use Adhesive Wheel Weights

Adhesive Wheel Weight Application   Self adhesive balancing weights, also known as stick on weights, are one of the most popular consumable items we sell at Tyre Bay Direct. Most alloy wheels are balanced with adhesive weights and they are available in either a matt, polished or even black finish. With different sizes including the […]

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