Knock On Weights for Aluminium Wheels

We stock a range of Lead-free Zinc Alloy Coated Knock On Weights for Alloy Wheels, ranging from 5g to 60g, available in packs of 50 or 100.

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Knock on Weights for Alloy Wheels

Zinc Coated Weights for Alloy Wheel [5g – 60g]

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    Knock on Weights for Steel Wheels

    Small Essential Tyre Consumable Pack

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    Tyre Consumables

    Extra Value Weight Pack

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    Extra Value Weight Pack

    The Extra Value Weight Pack is a fantastic buy, whether you’re a new start business or are simply looking to top up your weight supply! The pack contains the most common weight sizes used within the car passenger tyre industry and is great value for money, saving you over 10%! Get all the Alloy Wheel Weights you need in one pack.

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