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Atlas Equipment is one of the best selling brands in the USA and is available exclusively at Tyre Bay Direct.

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Welcome to Tyre Bay Direct, the home of ATLAS Tyre Equipment.

Tyre Bay Direct is a family run business with over 20 years’ experience. As the official UK agents of the world-renowned Atlas Automotive Equipment range of garage equipment, and pioneers of the online supply concept of tyre bay tools and consumables, we are the ideal partner for anybody working with tyres.

A market leader in the UK, we also operate an extremely efficient export department and can supply into mainland Europe. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and look forward to serving you.

£1,595.00 ( £1,914.00 inc VAT )
£2,199.00 ( £2,638.80 inc VAT )
£899.00 ( £1,078.80 inc VAT )
£1,649.00 £1,495.00 ( £1,794.00 inc VAT )
£1,495.00 ( £1,794.00 inc VAT )

Tyre Bay Direct is your one stop shop for all tyre consumables and workshop tools. From knock-on and adhesive balance weights, tubeless tyre valves, repair materials and chemicals as well as all the hand tools required. Below are just some of our best selling items.

£8.49 ( £10.19 inc VAT )
£11.99 ( £14.39 inc VAT )

Repair Chemicals & Sealants

Bead Sealer 950ml

£7.99 ( £9.59 inc VAT )

Lead Free Knock on Weights for Steel Wheels

Zinc Steel Coated Weight -10g X 100

£7.89 ( £9.47 inc VAT )
£5.99 ( £7.19 inc VAT )



Tyre Bay Direct are exclusive suppliers of the world-renowned US brands Atlas and Atlas Platinum tyre service equipment.

The outstanding design and after-sales service offered means that Atlas offers some of the best mid-range and premium tyre changing and wheel balancer equipment available in Europe. We also offer our entry level and wholesale range in the Redback brand. No mater what your requirements or budget we can help you find the right tyre changer and wheel balancer for your business. Look out for our extended range of garage equipment coming soon including air conditioning, wheel alignment and automotive lifts.