TPMS: What are the most common Tyre Pressure Monitoring System issues?

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A delicate TPMS sensor placed in the wheel to report on the performance of each tyre. It could be seen as daft putting such a delicate sensor within a tyre, somewhere that is under constant pressure and strain whilst the vehicle is moving. But in actual fact, these sensors are tough and provide vital information on the performance of our tyres.

That’s not to say that they are invincible though!

Just like any other area of a vehicle, TPMS sensors can get damaged or disconnected at any point in time; a car accident, a MASSIVE pothole…the list is bigger than you might think. Therefore, being able to identify the exact issue with a customer’s vehicle is paramount, to ensure their car is safe to drive and to provide the service they deserve.

What could be the problem with a TPMS sensor?

A major indication that there is an issue with your TPMS sensors, is when the TPMS status warning light becomes visible on your vehicle’s dashboard and constantly remains illuminated.

If this persists, a thorough check of the system is needed at a reputable tyre shop to diagnose the exact problem:

  • Lost TPMS signals
  • Damaged or shorted antenna on a wheel
  • Faulty wiring between the antenna & the TPMS module
  • EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)
  • Integration failure – Malfunctioning key-less entry system
  • Improper relearn procedure – Post installation of a brand new tyre

These are just a handful of the most common TPMS issues and can be fully identified with the right TPMS Diagnostic Tool.

Get the right TPMS Tools for your service…

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