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Redback 830 30" Semi Automatic Magnetic Wheel Balancer

Product Code: TBDRB830


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About the Redback 830 Wheel Balancer

Semi automatic wheel balancer capable of balancing most rims on the market
Bright LED Display
Easy function key pad
Built in cone and accessory storage
12 months parts and labour warranty (Mainland UK)

Magnetic levitation module
This model has no motor and no belt eliminating all friction and vibration to components such as shafts, driving belts, transmission rollers
and pulleys. This ultimately results in increased accuracy and reduces the need for after-sales service.

High precision weight positioning
The Redback 830 uses 512 angular positions proving super precise accuracy for placing wheel weights. Note most other Chinese tyre balancers on the market offer only 64 angular positions and Italian and American models typically offer 256 angular positions. This technology is a recent development exclusive to the manufacturers of the Redback 830 and will be hard to find elsewhere.

Smart Position Locator (SPL)
Easy and user-friendly wheel balancing. A single press of the button rotates the wheel to the correct imbalance position.
- After balancing, press SPL and it automatically located the imbalance positions for the inner side.
- Again, press SPL to the the imbalance position for the outer side.

Advanced Spin Brake
Once the Smart Position Locator has found the imbalance position the Auto-Lock feature will activate. No user input is required and the lock release either when the hood is lowered or the user applies the force to the wheel.

Linear Optical Encoder
The Redback 830 wheel balancer uses optical sensors to acquire the rim data for accuracy and reduces time spent recalibrating the rulers.

Included with the Redback 830 30" Semi Automatic Magnetic Wheel Balancer

Operation manual
Routine maintenance guide
Set of 4 balancing cones
Quick release locking wing nut
Measuring callipers
Universal Weight pliers
100g Calibration Weight
Rim Diameter Range: 10"-30"
Max.Wheel Width: 415mm
Max Wheel Diameter: 1080mm
Max Wheel Weight: 65Kg
Balancing Precision: 1g
Balancing Speed: 150-180RPM
Balancing Modes: 8
Voltage Options: 110V to 240V
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