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megaline System 4 Laser Wheel Aligner

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240v or 12v!
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12v or 240v!
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EVO Leverless Option
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Hofmann Megaplan | A Hallmark for Premium Quality Garage Equipment

Hofmann MegaplanHofmann Megaplan Logo is known throughout the automotive industry, not only for its product but the premium white glove service which accompanies it.

Making waves in tyre shops, garages, MoT stations, OEM facilities such as tyre and car manufacturing plants and even trailer manufacturers and supermarkets, this is a premium brand which dominates all areas.

Hofmann Megaplan is more than just a quality product!

It’s been around for a long time but has never stayed still. Always first to the party with revolutionary new features such as the patented “QuadraClamp” or the original & best “One Weight Balance”, purchasing a Hofmann Megaplan machine will be an innovative experience in how you fit tyres & work in your garage.

These machines offer those at the premium end of the market a recognisably exceptional product and aftercare experience, where these things are every bit as important as the price.

Call Now to find out more about Hofmann Megaplan | 01527 883 580

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