Easy Bulk Savings Across Our Entire Tyre Valve Range

Simply hit “select options” from some of our most popular valves below and pick the quantity required including the fitters favourite TR414 Tyre Valve! Your per item and bulk order discounts are then shown! Add to basket and see your total discount!

Save over £40 by bulk ordering your valves today! Below are some of our most popular weights or you can shop the full range below.

Bulk Buy Discounts

Standard Snap In Tyre Valves

TR414 38mm Length Snap-in Valves Qty 100

£11.76 incl VAT£9.80 excl VAT
In Stock
Bulk Buy + Save

Standard Snap In Tyre Valves

TR413 30mm Length Snap-in Valves Qty 100

£13.19 incl VAT£10.99 excl VAT
In Stock
Save 25%!

Specialist Tyre Valves

525m Bolt in Metal Valves

£1.44 incl VAT£1.20 excl VAT
In Stock
Bulk Buy + Save

Motorcycle Tyre Fitting Equipment

TR412 22mm Length Snap-in Valves Qty 100

£13.56 incl VAT£11.30 excl VAT
In Stock
Bulk Buy + Save
£19.92 incl VAT£16.60 excl VAT
In Stock
Bulk Buy + Save

Standard Snap In Tyre Valves

TR418 49mm Length Snap-in Valves Qty 100

£16.68 incl VAT£13.90 excl VAT
In Stock

We are a one-stop shop for all your tyre valve needs – we offer an unbeatable range of solutions for valve replacement including Chrome Valves, Snap-In Valves and the Hand Valve tools required to get the job done.

Tyre Bay Direct are dedicated to supplying tyre fitting businesses around the UK and Europe with all the essential tyre valves that you will require.

View our Tyre Valve Ranges

Shop Valves For Car Tyres

Tyre Bay Direct are pleased to offer a wide range of car tyre valves, all of which offer unique finishes every time you change a tyre.  Step up your garages offering and check out the great range of tyre valves that we offer.

Valves For Tubeless Tyres

Our most popular tubeless tyre valve is the TR414, which is considered the standard short valve for car passenger tyres - supplied in Bags of 100.


Bulk Buying Tyre Valves

Speak to the team at Tyre Bay Direct now for more information on bulk purchasing your tyre values including TR414, chrome or any tyre valves suitable for cars and motorcycles. We can offer some great deals for your business if you require bulk purchasing for all your tyre valve needs. If you have a special request for your tyre valve order please call our team today on 01527 883 580, and we will work with you to supply the valves you need with the delivery and service you expect from Tyre Bay Direct.

Tyre Changing Machines

Is your tyre changing machine slow, old or unreliable? If so, maybe it’s time to upgrade your tyre changing equipment to ensure that your garage, workshop or tyre bay is running as efficiently as possible and able to offer the best service to your customers. We have a range of Tyre Changing Equipment from brands such as Redback , Atlas and Atlas Platinum meaning there is a machine for every type of tyre fitting business. Call the team now to talk through all the available options.

Order Tyre Valves Now on 01527 883 580

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