Which type of workshop heater should you choose?

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What Type of Workshop Heater Should I Choose?

Workshops and garages aren’t typically the most well-insulated of buildings and, when temperatures drop over winter, they can become bitterly cold. Having to leave your workshop door open all day as cars come and go doesn’t help matters!

The solution? A workshop heater (or a collection of them, depending on the size of your garage). These highly effective machines can kick out an immense amount of heat, transforming your working environment in minutes.

There are three main types of workshop heater – and you can get them all from us here at Tyre Bay Direct. To help you decide which one to go for, we’ve prepared a handy buying guide. Get ready to wave goodbye to that workshop chill!


Electric workshop heaters are the most affordable, compact and easy to use of the three options. As you may expect given their lower price point, they don’t produce quite as much heat as the others either – but if you work in a smaller garage or need something portable for mobile jobs, they’re perfect. They’re also very safe, as there’s no fuel involved.

Prices for one of our heavy-duty SIP electric heaters start at just £34.99, which is amazing value. If you’re on a tight budget, electric heaters are hard to beat.


With a readily available fuel source, propane workshop heaters are relatively affordable to run – and they’re cheaper to buy than diesel heaters too. Efficient, dependable and quiet in operation, propane heaters are a solid option for larger garages.

Our SIP Fireball Propane range starts at just £87.99, but even the entry-level model has a 10kW heat output – enough to heat an area of 230m³.


The tried and tested choice – and the most potent of all – diesel workshop heaters are the most expensive to buy. They’re still cheap to run though, thanks to the comparatively low cost and wide availability of diesel fuel. They’re typically quite noisy, but their ease of use and outstanding performance more than makes up for that.

The ideal choice for larger workshops, our diesel heaters start at just £189.99 – and have heat outputs upwards of 14.7kW. That’s enough to heat a 350m³ area.

Buy your workshop heater online

You can explore the full range of workshop heaters at Tyre Bay Direct and order online, with free delivery included on orders over £50. You can even spread out the cost of your purchase with PayPal Pay in 3.

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