Diesel Space Heaters

Discover our most diverse range of garage heating equipment here at Tyre Bay Direct – our Diesel / Paraffin Garage Heaters range has an option for any business on any budget.

Manufactured by SIP Industrial, this range of garage heating equipment is built for busy garage operations and offers varying specifications across all the models. Although many garages opt for an Electric Heater these days due to ease of use; we offer more variety of diesel space heaters, thanks to the huge differences in features and specifications of each model.

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£489.60 incl VAT£408.00 excl VAT
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£640.15 incl VAT£533.46 excl VAT
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£690.34 incl VAT£575.28 excl VAT
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£795.80 incl VAT£663.17 excl VAT
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£800.70 incl VAT£667.25 excl VAT
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    Diesel / Paraffin Heaters

    SIP Fireball 1822 Infrared Diesel Heater

    £1,794.59 incl VAT£1,495.49 excl VAT
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    Why should you choose a Diesel Space Heater?

    Are you running a busy garage service operation? Can you really afford to deal with team members taking time off ill?

    Prevention is better than cause right!

    Our Diesel / Paraffin Heaters will keep your workshop warm throughout the colder months and keep your team going all year round. Compared to our Electric Heaters and Propane Heaters, this range of garage heating equipment provides incredible value for money for such a diverse range - you'll be sure to find something for your garage, no matter what your budget!

    Talk to the specialists in Garage Heaters!

    Finding the perfect diesel space heater or fan for your garage services can be a difficult challenge, especially when the product ranges are constantly evolving to meet industry standards.

    For an helping hand in choosing the right heater, contact our dedicated sales team on 01527 883 580 for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail today.

    Call today on 01527 883 580

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