Tyre Bay Direct Ltd Member of the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA)

Tyre Bay Direct is now a proud supplier member of the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA). Having the right to display the NTDA’s distinctive “kneeling man” logo means we are amongst the businesses that operate to the highest professional standards. It’s a sign of reassurance recognized equally by trade customers through to the private motorist. With the recognized logo comes reassurance for everyone dealing with Tyre Bay Direct, from the independent mobile tyre fitter to the largest national fast fit chains that the company is committed to the industry it serves.

The NTDA started back in 1930 promoting the interests of the tyre retailer and remains their overall goal to this day. Being a supplier member of the NTDA holds many benefits that Tyre Bay Direct are thrilled to be a part of. They are the voice of the independent tyre and fast fit retailers throughout the UK representing them at the highest levels of government on issues concerning the tyre, fast fit and wider automotive aftermarket. As well as actively promoting, developing and supporting the members’ professional interests, they raise their members’ status and profile of the retail sector among customer and related industry groups. And possibly most important of all they champion the importance of responsible tyre safety among all road users.

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