Atlas Equipment Warranties

Every tyre changer, wheel balancer and tyre changing package we sell at Tyre Bay Direct comes with an industry leading warranty, appropriate to the type or tyre machine purchased.Tyre Bay Direct Equipment Warranty

Tyre Bay Direct are proud to offer what is now known in the industry to be one of the best after sales services available.

Each machine on the website has a Warranty section, making it clear what you get with the machine, as well as what you get from us in terms of warranty, delivery, and after sales support.

Call today on 01527 883 580 to find out more about Tyre Bay Direct and our industry leading warranty offerings. 

Warranty Questions?

If you have any questions or are unsure about the warranty that is included or that you have chosen to purchase please contact us now.

You can call now on 01527 883 580 or use our online contact form. Our team are always happy to answer all warranty related questions and help with all purchases.



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Repair Chemicals & Sealants

Bead Sealer 950ml

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