What are the benefits of a Tyre Machine Package?

It is critical that as one of the leading garage equipment suppliers in the UK, we are able to provide everything that a working auto repair shop needs to change, repair and inspect tyres.

Why buy a tyre machine package - package examples with savings

We have recently updated our product line to offer you the very latest technology in practical packages. Tyre changing is a core component of any garage which is why we have created a new line of special package deals. Here are some of the advantages you can benefit from by investing in a Tyre Machine Package.

Lower costs

Trying to keep costs down and maintain minimal overheads is important for any business, especially if you’re a relatively small garage. However, that shouldn’t stop you from being able to use the best equipment available. As part of ISN Europe, Tyre Bay Direct can offer a wide range of modern tyre changers at incredibly low prices. The machine packages provide further savings and are available in various price brackets to match your budget and the specific needs of your garage.

Improved efficiency

When you invest in any of the machines or tools from Tyre Bay Direct, you are ensuring that your garage has the equipment it needs to maintain a high level of efficiency. A common issue for many auto repair shops is rising repair costs for dated machinery. Our tyre machine packages include the latest technology on the market and will prepare you for any job, putting you ahead of the competition. A tyre changer and balancer package can offer an overdue opportunity to upgrade multiple products in your workshop.

Better investment

The package deals include multiple machines which mean you’ll get much more return on your investment. Buying equipment is the biggest cost for any garage and it can be even more expensive if you buy each part individually. That’s why we are offering these great package deals to kit your garage out with everything it needs for tyre work. In addition to this, you will receive a full warranty for each machine the second you make your purchase.

Added extras

To help you make more savings and increase the return on your investment, we also offer a number of extra packages and equipment to make sure you have everything you need. For example, you can get a tyre consumable pack with your tyre machines which include things like patches, plugs, chalk and repair string.

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