Tyre Bay Direct plays it’s part in the Ukrainian war effort

Read the inspirational journey of one man and his mission to supply urgent garage equipment to Ukraine with the help of Tyre Bay Direct.


Devastatingly, the war in Ukraine continues, a year on from when it started. The world has come together to provide support and supplies.


However, when considering ‘urgent’ supplies, we can sometimes forget the essential equipment required to support front-line vehicles such as ambulances and military vehicles that are being used daily in war zone conditions.


Paul, an ex-soldier felt compelled to help the people of Ukraine and on a visit to Kharkiv back in December 2022 he met Andrei.  Andrei owns a small garage in the heart of Kharkiv and Paul found him on a cold night wearing a head torch repairing an ambulance (the electricity had been cut). Andrei explained that he repaired all military and emergency vehicles for free, as part of his contribution to war effort.


Paul to his own testament is no garage equipment expert but looking around the small, dark garage he could see that the equipment was old and worn out.  Andrei explained it was not possible to get new equipment or indeed spare parts. It was then that Paul vowed, once home, he would help replace the garage equipment that was so vital in supporting the military and emergency services – in effect saving lives.


After launching a successful just giving campaign, family and friends generously donated to Paul’s cause and he was overwhelmed by how much he raised within two weeks!  It was then that Paul contacted Tyre Bay Direct, the one stop shop for garage equipment and consumables.


Anthony Yates from Tyre Bay direct commented;


“When we received the email from Paul, we wanted to help straight away, we knew he needed reliable equipment suitable for the vehicles out in Ukraine, so we spoke with Paul and asked him to supply us with a wish list of items that Andrei needed, then we created a package suitable for purpose and within his budget.”


The package included:


A new Redback  24” Fully automatic Tyre Changer  complete with assist arm and a new 200 litre air compressor for the workshop. There were also a selection of tools and accessories required, that Tyre Bay Direct was happy to supply.


“It felt important for us to work with Paul on supplying this aid”. Anthony added, “Equipment for emergency and military vehicle maintenance is vital and we’re so proud to have been able to help”.


With the equipment secured, Paul worked with “Macclesfield Ukrainian Aid Collection Point” who were in the process of delivering 30 (yes, thirty) vans full of aid to Ukraine!  The vans will stay in Ukraine for use by the military and other organisations.


The trip wasn’t without its problems, but Paul made it back to Kharkiv and united Andrei with the equipment he desperately needed.


“Words cannot describe the feeling of arriving in Kharkiv and seeing Andrei’s face when he saw the equipment, it was full of gratitude and happiness. I can’t thank the team at Tyre Bay Direct enough for their support, guidance and being part of the journey” Paul concluded.


As for Andrei, the equipment has been crucial in his continuous support maintaining the emergency vehicles in Ukraine; he remains positive for the future.


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