Pirelli pumps up with Uniflate nitrogen – May 13th, 2011

Continuing a tradition of almost 20 years, Pirelli have chosen to extend the existing contract with Uniflate nitrogen tyre inflation across all Formula 1, GP1 and GP2 races for the next three seasons.

The move comes as no surprise to those in the know – in a race where every fraction of a second counts, the changes in pressure that can occur when tyres are inflated with compressed air rather than Uniflate gas can be disastrous to a team’s performance.

In 1991 the creators of Uniflate were approached by Goodyear to develop a tyre inflation system for Formula 1 racing.  The original system was a phenomenal success and was soon adopted by all Formula 1 teams and has been their choice of tyre inflation gas since the 1992 season to the present day.

Since Uniflate first went into partnership with Goodyear in 1992, all subsequent tyre suppliers to the championship teams have followed suit and Uniflate systems have been used alongside tyres manufactures by Bridgestone, Michelin and now Pirelli.

From the year 2000, Uniflate has been working closely with Formula 1 teams including Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Toro Rosso, Force India and Honda to design and build bespoke tyre inflation systems according to individual teams’ requirements.

Uniflate are proud to continue their relationship with Formula 1 and are looking forward to working more closely with Pirelli in the seasons to come.

Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Systems available exclusively at Tyre Bay Direct – Formula 1 Technology in your workshop!  Call Leigh on 01527 883 580 for more information on how to offer Uniflate to your customers!

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