Proof that once you go Platinum, there is no going back! [Case Study]

There was a time when the Atlas Platinum badge on your garage equipment meant nothing to anyone this side of the Atlantic. A lot has changed then. Not only is Atlas Platinum a serious contender in the tyre machine industry, but there is no other choice for some fitters!  Take TQ1 MOT Centre in Torquay for example. When […]

ICYMI: Our New Garage Equipment in 2018 Review

2018 has been an exciting year for Tyre Bay Direct as the newly formed relationship with ISN fell into full swing we have been able to add a range of exciting new products to our store that have already received a warm welcome from you. After a year of new product arrivals and well known […]

4 Factors When Choosing Your Garage Equipment Supplier

With such a wide choice when it comes to your garage equipment supplier it sometimes becomes a minefield when trying to make your choice. We have put together our suggestions of things to consider when making your choice to ensure you really get the best value and service from your supplier. Trust the company? Where […]

Tyre Bay Direct: Best Savings at Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and the forever hectic January is bearing down upon us; so with the season of giving in mind, we wanted to share with you our best savings for this festive period. Whether it be stocking up on consumables for the winter or updating your current tyre fitting equipment to […]

9 Top Tips for Buying Second Hand Equipment

Purchasing second hand tyre fitting equipment can be a nervy investment! Will the tyre machine be exactly as the seller described? Will it be the right model with original parts? Most importantly, will it function fully and do the job intended? To help you when looking into second-hand equipment we have compiled our top tips for […]