Warm Weather Necessities for your Garage | Summer 2020 Garage Essentials

The sun is officially making an appearance for 2020. Admittedly it might be while many are confined to their homes & only making essential journeys, but this still means demand for personal car use & so the demand for garages. MOT Exemptions will enable vital services to continue, frontline workers, to get to work, and […]

Is the price you invest in tyre fitting equipment worth it?

  Good question, right? Nobody wants to feel like they aren’t getting value for money, whether it’s purchasing a brand-new car, doing your food shop, or investing in tyre fitting equipment. Not every garage owner can justify spending thousands on updating their tyre fitting equipment – this is equipment built to last after all. Some […]

Tyre Machine and Balancer Packages – the Atlas Equipment lineup 2019

As you have probably already noticed, there are a lot of changes happening across the pond with American giant Atlas Auto Equipment. Innovation and upgrades to these machines is constantly happening inline with increasing demand. As the exclusive supplier of these quality machines, we want to bring you the best combinations of fitting equipment money […]