How to use the UNITE U226 Tyre Changer

Unsure how to change a tyre with your Unite U-226 Tyre Changing machine?

This easy to follow video shows you exactly how to complete the perfect tyre change with your Unite U-226 Tyre Changer. It also explains the accessories available to use with this Unite Tyre Changer.

How to use your Unite U-226 Tyre Changer:

Introducing Redback by Unite

Unite has undergone a makeover with its latest Redback range, now available from online.

The Redback by Unite Tyre Machine range is available exclusively through Tyre Bay Direct. You can also call our expert team now on 01527 883 580 to discuss our Redback by Unite range & the comparable models to the older unite ranges.

If you are based in France or other areas of Europe you can reach visit or call +33 (0)8 05 11 21 37 or +33 (0)8 11 85 01 76.

Redback by Unite offers the same great equipment as the Unite tyre machines for the price-conscious end of the market with a new look & robust updates.

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