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Picking out a battery booster for your garage could be as easy as finding a model in a colour you like, or even buying one your mate has in the back of his car for emergencies. Seems easier than going through the hassle of every model’s spec under the sun.

But are you missing a trick by doing that?

Purchasing car battery chargers for your garage services isn’t like buying one as a spare for your boot in case your battery is flat. You need to remember that you could be servicing vehicle batteries for multiple customers every day.

With that in mind, here at Tyre Bay Direct we want to give you every chance to choose the right battery booster first time…

Battery Boosters: what to consider?

Selecting the right battery booster at the first time of trying, instead of just picking up the cheapest one you can find, can save you £££s.

Every garage is different – speaking to other garage owners is helpful in terms of finding the right supplier, but not always the most effective way of searching for the right model.

You need to think about:

  • How many customers per week do you need to supply battery care to?
  • Are you purchasing from a reputable supplier?
  • Capabilities of your potential models?

Once you have answered those questions, then it is time to take a look at our Battery Care range online now:

£244.99 incl VAT£204.16 excl VAT
In Stock
£249.00 incl VAT£207.50 excl VAT
In Stock
£399.00 incl VAT£332.50 excl VAT
In Stock
£325.20 incl VAT£271.00 excl VAT
In Stock
£999.00 incl VAT£832.50 excl VAT
In Stock
£1,299.00 incl VAT£1,082.50 excl VAT
In Stock
£1,183.20 incl VAT£986.00 excl VAT
In Stock

Discuss with the experts!

We understand the need to discuss your garage’s requirements in more detail when it comes to selecting the right battery booster.

Call our specialists today on 01527 868 669 for more information – investing in the right car battery charger this winter could be your best purchase of 2020!

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