How to bring more customers into your auto shop

How to bring more customers into your garage blog

The automotive repair industry in the UK is constantly growing and is expected to be worth around £25 billion by 2020.

This means that it’s becoming increasingly important for business owners and mechanics to improve their services and entice more customers in the face of more competition. Whether you’re a local independent garage or part of a regional or national chain, these tips will help you get more cars through your garage doors.

Use customer service

A smile and a friendly conversation can go a long way in any area of business. Customer service covers everything from the moment a customer drives into the garage to the minute when they get their receipt. Happy customers are more likely to return next time they have a problem and will often recommend your services to friends and family. Customer care doesn’t have to end when your client leaves either, from the first contact to any follow-up questions, ensure you and your team have a customer-centric policy to encourage repeat visitors and word of mouth referrals.

Use online marketing

In today’s online-focused society, you can’t hope to survive if you aren’t marketing your brand online. Local search, in particular, is critical with Wordstream research showing that 72% of consumers conducting a local search visited a physical location within five miles of their own location. This means local search has a high level of intent – so those searching for a mechanic or garage are very likely to then visit a garage. Likewise, research by BrightLocal found that 8 in 10 consumers trusted an online review as much as a personal recommendation so being proactive about your online reputation management can also help to grow your revenue.

Create a website

Following on from the previous point, it is vital that your garage has an online home. Creating a website allows your company to be found on search engines and will direct more traffic towards your garage. It’s also important that your website is compatible with different platforms, both desktop and mobile. This is known as responsive web design.

Do a great job

It may sound obvious but one of the best ways to attract repeat customers and increase positive word of mouth is by offering a great service. If a customer is unsatisfied and has to return because you haven’t fixed the problem, they are unlikely to recommend your services. A big part of this is ensuring you have all the best equipment to suit any job. Investing in equipment like a tyre changer or a new air compressor may enable you to offer more services to customers under one roof.

Set up promotional discounts

There’s no better way to entice new customers than by offering something for nothing. Promotional offers and special discount deals are a great way to grab the attention of drivers and direct them towards your garage. Promotions could come in the form of special offers for repeat customers or discounts on certain products.

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