The Advantages of Finance over Hiring Your Garage Equipment!

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When a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. And this could be said of hiring your garage equipment.

It may feel like you’re getting a great deal, as you get to use the latest technology and equipment without having to outlay the cash for investment.

But on the flip side, add up all the money you spend in hire costs over the years and you probably could have purchased or leased the equipment for less.

While short-term hiring might seem like a quick fix it is not the only option and can have its pitfalls. It might be time to look at an affordable finance or credit option to get the workshop tools and equipment your business needs. We’ve bought together some of the other advantages to ditching hiring and investing in your garage!  

Garage Equipment being shipped available on finance plans

Finance options mean equipment can be yours

Leasing options mean that you can have the latest REDBACK 221PA Fully Automatic Tyre Changing Machine for instance, without having to pay a huge deposit upfront. You can get the equipment you need when you need it, and budget for the repayments based on the extra income you are then able to generate.

It could save you money long-term

While hiring garage equipment may seem like the cheapest way to get a hold of the garage equipment you want, the option to own the equipment with finance options could, in the long term, save you even more money. Most importantly, you will own the equipment at the end of the term. It becomes an asset for your garage!

Own the equipment you need to serve your customers

If you see an increase in demand for a particular service in the local area, see a competitor capitalising on an area you can’t offer or just know the demand for a certain service is always going to be present based on your current customers, it makes sense to own the essential equipment you need to remain competitive and fulfill demand. Getting the right equipment in your shop will help increase your revenues and diversify your services to future-proof the business. 

Shipping Workshop tools from Tyre Bay DirectReady when you are

Customers are going to want to wait about while you pop out and hire the equipment needed to help them. You can risk looking unprofessional or simply inexperienced at a service you are great at. Having the right garage equipment to hand means you can solve your customer’s problems quickly, efficiently and professionally.

If your competitor has the latest workshop tools and equipment but you have had to return tools back to the hirer, not only could you lose business, but you could also see a drop in recommendations. Don’t risk missing out! Be prepared with the right garage equipment in your workshop! 

Each decision regarding equipment financing should be made carefully to best fit your businesses requirements. You should consider all options before deciding on the best one to suit your business. Our friendly and experienced team are always on hand to discuss your purchasing options and help provide you with the equipment needed. 

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