Product Focus: Atlas WB Lite

In the world of wheel balancers, few names are as renowned as Atlas Equipment. The American brand has been at the forefront of the industry for over four decades, offering a range of garage equipment from two-post lifts to tyre changers (and everything in between). Its products have proven themselves in garages across the US… and they’re now a force to be reckoned with here in the UK too.

Atlas isn’t a budget brand – but its WB Lite wheel balancer offers Atlas quality and user friendliness at an affordable price point. £995.00 excluding VAT, to be precise. We’re covering the model in-depth in this article, helping you decide whether or not it’s for you.

Proven durability & essential features

The WB Lite is all about being user friendly and durable. It’s not the most feature-rich wheel balancer out there (nor would you expect it to be given its sub-£1,000 price tag), but it has been extremely well designed and built to last. It comes with a 12-month parts and labour warranty for extra peace of mind, too.

It’s a hand-spin machine and does without automatic data entry, but the WB Lite still has all the essential features you’d expect from an Atlas product. It can balance rims up to 26” in diameter, for starters – more than an equivalent Redback machine. It also has static, steel, ALU and motorcycle balancing modes and a user-friendly brake pedal, making it easy to place wheel weights exactly where they’re needed.

Super compact

Another key attribute of the WB Lite is its compactness. Because it’s hand-spin and doesn’t need a hood, this machine is remarkably small – it’s the smallest in the Atlas range, in fact. This makes it ideal for crowded workshops where space is at a premium, and makes it the perfect solution for mobile installations. If you’re looking to carry out tyre changing and wheel balancing in the field, the WB Lite is the ideal sidekick. It can operate on single phase, 230V, or on 12V DC with the included adaptor.

Order yours today

Sold on the WB Lite wheel balancer from Atlas? We don’t blame you! You can get yours online from Tyre Bay Direct, with delivery available nationwide.

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