Significant concerns over delayed vehicle servicing across the UK!

Over a year on from the beginning of the UK’s first lockdown, the knock-on effect of the global pandemic is causing some concern over the safety of passenger vehicles. The latest research by heycar suggests, as many as 7.3million vehicles on the roads have not been serviced for over a year.

One in five drivers (22%) have stated that they have delayed their vehicle’s servicing due to lockdown.

Although most manufacturers continue to recommend drivers to get their vehicle serviced every year, it seems that a further one in ten (12%) are also going to delay their next service – the question remains, how long will it take for drivers to get these vital checks done before there are serious incidents on the UK roads?

Senior editor at heycar, Dan Powell:

“The prospect of meeting friends and families indoors for the first time this year will see millions of us jumping in our cars to visit our loved ones.

“But our analysis has highlighted a significant concern – that there could be as many as 7.3million vehicles on the roads that have not had a service in over a year.

“Servicing a vehicle is critical to keeping it running well and reducing the risk of road accidents, and we would urge all drivers to ensure their vehicles are in optimum working order before they hit the roads this summer.

“And for those who are planning to buy in the coming months – by being able to provide full service and MOT histories alongside warranties the nation’s dealerships can offer welcome reassurance to customers that their new purchase can be trusted.”

You can play your part…

While servicing can be delayed indefinitely by any vehicle owner, MOTs remain compulsory and is a necessity if drivers wish to continue to use their car on the roads. This means only one thing – customers need to bring their car to your garage!

This allows a golden opportunity for any garage owner or employee to encourage the vehicle owner to get the required servicing and reduce the number of cars that haven’t been serviced on our roads.


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