American Two Post Lifts redesigned for the UK & European garage equipment market!

Over the years, Tyre Bay Direct has been lucky enough to build strong relationships with different suppliers from across the industry, to bring you one of the most comprehensive offerings for any fast fit tyre shop or tyre bay.

In fact, we don’t think there is such a diverse range of budget-friendly to premium tyre machines, or price conscious consumables range, anywhere else in the market!

And it’s down to these relationships that we can continue to grow our product offering, introducing brand new equipment that is exclusive to the ISN Garage Assist garage equipment group.

Championed electro-hydraulic lifts…

It is well-known across the world, that the Americans perfected the use of the electro-hydraulic lifts; brands such as Atlas Auto Equipment, known for quality tyre fitting equipment at affordable prices, have continued the development of vehicle lifting equipment.

The US market has always been renowned for dealing with bigger vehicles, consequently, the market demands high quality and robust garage lifting equipment to deal with such vehicles. Therefore, Atlas has been developing car lifts to deal with heavy lifting operations since its inception in 1982, making their brand one of the most respected and trusted vehicle lift suppliers in the US and now, the UK.

Raising their game for the UK…

Atlas Equipment has been a go-to supplier of garage equipment for Tyre Bay Direct, and we now bring to you the brand-new ATP9 and ATP10 Two Post Lift models.

Browse our brand-new Atlas lifts on our website now:

£19.10 Weekly*
£3,180.00 incl VAT£2,650.00 excl VAT
In Stock
£33.33 Weekly*
£5,220.00 incl VAT£4,350.00 excl VAT
In Stock

Built for heavy-duty vehicles typical of the US market, the ATP10 European version of an American classic rightly carries the category of ‘Super-Duty’ in terms of its build quality, capability and 5500kg lifting capacity.

Both lifts come with delivery and installation with 2 years parts and labour warranty.


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