Tyre Machine Investment – September 1st, 2010

Leigh Stote of Tyre Bay Direct says that ever more garages and MOT stations are enjoying extra revenue through doing tyres in house.

“A lot of our sales are to garages fed up with getting the tyres and wheels in and then having to go up the road to get someone else to fit them,” he says. “Also, many garages that first did it themselves two or three years ago are now coming back to us to upgrade their semi automatic machine to a fully automatic model with an assist arm. The most popular one we do is a 24in – it takes all the pressure off the technician and means one man can easily do a 19in run flat tyre.”

Mr Stote emphasises that established garages have an important advantage over their fast fit rivals. “Fast fits are often new start-up businesses whereas most independent garages have a large existing customer base,” he says. “As soon as people know they offer a tyre service then even the more expensive machines quickly pay for themselves.”


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