Limited Edition Package…

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Since the introduction of the new Unite U830 wheel balancer we have been delighted to see them in high demand throughout the country. This advanced wheel balancer is capable of balancing up to 24″ wheels and offers fully automatic data input of the offset, wheel diameter and wheel width making the whole balancing process as efficient as possible. Suitable for the majority of passenger and light commercial vehicle wheels this model is also capable of balancing centre-less wheels, wheels with larger centre holes and motorcycle wheels with additional adaptors. The U830 also boasts an easy to read LCD screen designed to aid the operator throughout the balancing process.

After proving a popular model with the trade across the UK we decided to create the perfect partnership by pairing it with the popular Unite U226 tyre changer. The tyre changer features a large turntable capable of mounting and demounting up to 24″ wheels. It’s pneumatically controlled rear tilting column makes this model fully automatic thus reducing job set up times. Suitable for changing the majority of passenger and light commercial vehicle tyres this tyre fitting machine can also be adapted to cope with motorcycle wheels. Perhaps the most useful feature of this model is the 3 way assist arm which has been designed to easily change run flat and low profile tyres. To top this advanced tyre changer off there is also the option to add a fast inflation tank which gives a quick and powerful blast of air through the turntable which rapidly inflates tyres with loose beads.

All Unite tyre service kits from Tyre Bay Direct come with our great warranty package: a 24 month parts warranty and 12 month labour warranty as standard to Mainland UK customers – if you are located outside mainland UK please get in touch to discuss your warranty options. As well as extensive warranty cover you will also gain exclusive access the our online knowledgebase where you can find thoroughly detailed exploded diagrams of the equipment, add parts to your cart and continue to a hassle free checkout. All spare parts are stocked in our Midlands based warehouse and we aim to get them to you the very next working day.

In addition to the online support via the knowledgebase you will receive technical advice from our on-site team whenever you need it. We also have fully trained engineers available throughout the UK who are on hand to offer installations, servicing and break down cover should you require it. This brand new package offers some impressive features, exceptional support from our team and all at excellent value for money.

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Introducing our brand new commercial brochure…

We have recently launched a brand new brochure designed exclusively for the commercial tyre industry. The very first issue of our commercial brochure was enclosed within the popular commercial magazine, Commercial Vehicle Workshop, and lists a variety of items you’ll need to run a successful commercial tyre servicing operation. From balancing beads to truck valves and commercial tyre changers to nitrogen inflation systems we are sure we’ll be able to cater for all your tyre serving need.

Originally specialising in tyre changers, wheel balancers and nitrogen inflation systems for passenger vehicles we have developed our range to include commercial equipment due to an increased demand from the trade. Our range of passenger vehicle equipment, Unite, has already earned a respectable name in the industry and we are more than confident that the commercial range, also Unite, will follow suit.

Renowned for our extensive warranties we give our customers complete peace of mind in our product and service. All Unite garage equipment from Tyre Bay Direct comes with a 24 month warranty as standard to mainland UK customers. We carry all spare parts in stock in our Midland based warehouse and have fully trained engineers based all over the UK on hand to keep your equipment running smoothly at all times. With Unite passenger and commercial tyre equipment from Tyre Bay Direct you can rest assured that you will receive not only a robust, long lasting piece of kit but also outstanding customer service and advice from our team of experts.

See the new brochure for yourself by clicking on the ‘Download Catalogue’ button on our homepage.

Tyre Bay Direct makes local news!

News of our nomination has spread across our local town of Redditch. We have been nominated in the National Tyre Distribution Association (NTDA) awards this year in the category of Tyre & Aftermarket supplier of the year, making us a UK market leader in the supply of tyre and garage equipment to the trade.

Being nominated means that members of the NTDA, made up of the largest and most recognised tyre retailers in the UK, voted to include us in the top five suppliers in the country, of which there are hundreds!

Tyre Bay Direct is owned and run by four members of the same family who have lived in Redditch for over 20 years. Leigh Stote, Sales and Marketing Director said, “It’s fantastic that from our humble beginnings around 12 years ago we have grown into a leading supplier in our field. Our team has grown and grown in recent years and most of our staff are from Redditch or the immediate surrounding area, which is great as we have used only local, talented people to achieve our success.”

Started by Roger Stote in the 90’s, we originally specialised in Nitrogen Tyre Inflation for Formula 1 before moving into the general tyre industry, now we supply all manner of equipment for fast fit centres and garages. Since then, and because of our growth, we now occupy a 20,000 sq ft building with our team and are often recruiting locally for new team members.

A nervous few weeks now await us as the online voting continues until the deadline on September 19th when the award is decided. The lucky winner will be presented with their award the NTDA Gala dinner in Manchester in October. If you think we deserve the award please vote online here. Thank you!

Browse and shop on the go with Tyre Bay Direct’s brand new mobile website!

We are extremely excited to be launching our brand new mobile friendly website. Our original desktop website has been a huge success with customers over the years, allowing them the freedom of ordering online 24/7 as well as providing them with vast product knowledge. We have a team of professional web designers who continuously work hard to improve the website’s appearance, functionality and appeal. However, as mobile traffic increases, we have recognised that our consumers demand for a new, simple and more efficient mobile version of our original platform.

Leigh Stote, Sales and Marketing Director explained, “We know that trying to navigate around a huge website on a tiny screen can be frustrating to say the least which is why we have designed a simple yet fully functional mobile version of our original website. Our designers have worked hard to create a mobile friendly site that focuses solely on key areas such as product information, imagery and price, making our customers online experience with us easier and quicker than ever.”

Designed to fit neatly on your smart phone screen and with speed and simplicity in mind, the new site gives you clear header options to make searching for products and information fast and effortless. Perhaps one of the most unique and exciting features of the new design is the ability to search for and order tyres on the go, and if that’s not appealing enough, we have recently reduced all of their tyre prices online! Check them out here.

Leigh Stote continued, “As well as product information at your fingertips, you can also order on the go! We appreciate that our customers are running busy tyre shops and garages and therefore don’t always have the time to get to a computer, but by using their smart phone, they can now add to their basket as and when they get a chance, ideal for mobile fitters and giving customers more flexibility than ever.”

Search for ‘Tyre Bay Direct’ online or visit with your smart phone to experience the new and exciting mobile website for yourself.

We have been nominated as Tyre & Aftermarket Supplier of the Year 2014!

Here at Tyre Bay Direct we are delighted to receive our first nomination for Tyre and Aftermarket Supplier of the Year in the 2014 awards. Our Sales and Marketing Director, Leigh Stote, commented, “It is a real honour to be recognised in this way and we are proud to know that our commitment to quality, service and value has been recognised by our loyal customers.”

As one of the UK’s largest tyre equipment and consumable suppliers, we offer a wide range of equipment, from passenger and truck tyre service equipment to being the leading force in Nitrogen tyre inflation, with over 1500 installations in some of the largest names in the fast fit industry. Stemming from our 2 decades of experience in Formula 1, our knowledge and understanding of Nitrogen inflation systems has allowed us to design systems that are robust, reliable and affordable.

We also believe that our service levels and focus on customer experience has helped us grow into a top UK supplier. We were the first to provide a 2 year warranty as standard on our tyre equipment and with offerings such as interest free credit on equipment and next day delivery on consumables, 7 days a week, we really do all we can to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Combined with an industry leading e-commerce platform, available on both web and mobile, where customers can place orders, view past orders or invoices, apply for finance, purchase tyres or access an extensive knowledgebase, we really have brought 24/7 supply to the forefront of the industry.

If you feel we deserve to win Tyre & Aftermarket Supplier of the Year 2014 please vote for us here. Thank you!

Did you know that we can also be your regular tyre supplier?

We have developed a great working relationship with a very large tyre wholesaler meaning we are able to supply you with all your passenger tyre needs. As a result of years of working closely together we receive fantastic discounts on these tyres which of course we pass straight on to you giving you highly competitive prices.

By far the most common process for ordering your tyres is to simply call us or check on our website for live tyre pricing and availability. Providing you are located within mainland UK and stock is held in a warehouse near you, and with several warehouses throughout the UK is more often than not, we will be able to deliver your tyres on a next day service. If you order first thing in the morning we can sometimes even deliver on the same day.

Several of our existing customers order their tyres in bulk and stock them in their own garage or warehouse. Our most popular tyre package is the ready-made 24 tyre budget pack which includes 24 tyres in 9 of the most popular sizes in a range of our budget brands.

Quantity Size
4 205 55 16
4 195 65 15
2 225 45 17
2 225 40 18
4 175 65 14
2 195 60 15
2 185 65 15
2 185 65 14
2 215 55 16


You will usually find budget tyres such as Autogrip, Enduro, Ovation and Fullrun in this package however they can vary from pack to pack. As well as supplying the ready-made packages we are more than happy to create any tailor made package to perfectly suit your needs.

To see our competitive tyre prices for yourself visit the tyre section on our website or give us a call today!

What do people look for when deciding where to go for their new tyres or tyre repairs?

What do people look for when deciding where to go for their new tyres or tyre repairs?

Our first guess would be price closely followed by reliability. Everyone, whether they be male, female, younger or older, wants to know that their vehicle is in good hands when going in for any type of repair. Without proof it is hard for anyone to tell whether someone does have the right experience especially with little to no legal qualifications are required to do the job. We are fully aware that it can be easier said than done trying to convince your potential new customers that your garage is the best around town which is one of the reasons we have introduced the tyre fitting course.

Tyre Bay Direct’s High Performance Tyre Fitting Training course may be the first step to persuading your customer’s of the impeccable service you provide. This course has been successfully running for just over 1 year and has proved even more popular than we could have ever imagined. We have had some absolutely superb feedback from the tyre fitters who have attended the course with many commenting that they would gladly recommend it to a friend.

The course is held in our own premises with all the facilities needed to learn everything you need to know to become a qualified tyre fitter. Starting with one full day of theory you will learn in detail everything from tyre sidewall markings and run-flat technologies to limits of wear and serviceability and much more. On the second day of the course you will be hands on with our Unite tyre fitting machines and wheel balancers. Here you will be taught an array of practical jobs from the safe removal and replacement of tyres, including the more difficult high performance and run-flat tyres, to tyre inspection and fault reporting.

On the third and final day you will put your practice to the test as you complete a short multiple choice examination and are observed for the practical part of the assessment. All paperwork is then sent to the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) where it is officially marked and approved. Providing you have passed the course you will receive an IMI approved certificate in High Performance Tyre Fitting which you can proudly display in your garage to boast about your qualified tyre fitters to your existing and potential new customers giving them complete confidence in the services you provide.

Click here for more information on our tyre fitting courses.

Pothole Damage

Bad weather and dark nights both play a major part in the number of road accidents occurring in the UK however the main hazard is potholes. Pothole are caused from a combination of heavy road usage and wet and frosty weather conditions and with it being mid winter our roads are unfortunately at their worst. There are many websites available where you can report potholes and the local council will hopefully get them filled in as soon as possible. However with that being said, recent figures released from Britannia Rescue suggest that potholes cover a total of 295 square miles which is more than twice the size of the Isle of White – that’s a lot of filling!

Potholes are not only an annoyance and inconvenience as they can in fact have very serious consequences. They are becoming the main cause of damage for road vehicles and at their worst can cause serious injuries some of which can sadly be fatal. Although we all do our best to avoid potholes we are often caught out in the dark or bad weather and have probably suffered some form of damage to our vehicles in the past. The most common forms of damage to our cars are punctured tyres and misalignment of the steering system.

With pothole damage accounting for nearly 500,000 insurance claims per year you need to be prepared with the correct equipment to deal with this possible increase in business. Tyre Bay Direct offer a large range of garage equipment to cope with many tyre and wheel related issues and our Hanway wheel alignment systems are no exception. These aligners combine patented technology and design concepts with an impressive 10 year parts availability guarantee. The models range from simple, inexpensive CCD alignment systems through to state of the art full 8CCD systems with new generation wireless technology and many other notable features.  The Hanway range will cover the smallest operation to the largest and most demanding of applications and is fully backed and covered by our specialist engineers.

During this cold and wet winter make sure you and your garage are prepared for potential business heading your way. You can find more information on our wheel aligners as well as all other products supplied on our website. Alternatively please feel free to get in touch on 01527 883 580 or email us at

Complete peace of mind with Tyre Bay Direct.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear from garage owners and tyre fitters who believe they have had the bargain of the century on their garage equipment UNTIL they need a spare part. There are some companies who claim to offer parts warranty and technical support but what they don’t tell you is that you have to wait weeks for them to order it in! We at Tyre Bay Direct have a large section of our 20,000 square foot warehouse, located in the West Midlands, dedicated solely to stocking spare parts for your Unite tyre changers and wheel balancers. With reliable stock levels you can rest assured that should you have an issue with your tyre fitting equipment, you will be back up and running in no time.   Although many machines on the market look very similar they are in fact quite different and most parts are not universal fitting meaning we can only supply spares for a genuine Unite tyre changer or wheel balancer. We are able to keep stock levels high and prices low as a result of our commitment to the quality of the machine in the first place. What’s more, we offer an extensive parts warranty with all Unite tyre equipment giving our customers complete peace of mind.

It can be a little daunting when trawling through pages upon pages of your operating manual to find the part you are looking for which is why Tyre Bay Direct aim to make the process as quick and as simple as possible. Our first step to making this process easier for you was having our own in-house engineers and technical team. Available via email or telephone their expert knowledge will save you time and effort and will have you sorted in a flash.

Our next and much more impressive step to bringing spare part ordering to the 21st century was the introduction of our brand new knowledgebase. This online knowledgebase enables you to order spare parts online 24/7 with next working day delivery (when ordered before 3pm) available for many parts. In order to make this process as simple as possible we have created intricately detailed exploded diagrams for each machine. Here you can simply click on the part you require to be shown a photograph and continue to a hassle free checkout. This priceless section of our website is exclusive to our valued Unite tyre machinery customers only.

So when making the hard decision on where to purchase your garage equipment make sure you question spare parts availability AND lead times not just price and so called “reputation”! Remember, we only supply spare parts for our Unite range of tyre machines and wheel balancers so for complete peace of mind choose Tyre Bay Direct.

Introducing our Brand New Knowledgebase

We have released an unrivalled parallel when it comes to tyre service equipment and maintenance with our brand new Knowledgebase.

Available automatically and exclusively to all our Unite tyre machinery customers this new section of the website has a landing area personalised to your equipment models and is automatically accessible from the moment your machinery is installed. The Knowledgebase lists the current equipment in your workshop with warranty status’ and expiry reminders along with complete manuals, operating instructions and instructional videos for your chosen machine, meaning any information you require is always at your fingertips.

There is an exclusive selection of articles and updates about the latest development in the industry, new regulations and in-depth articles about some less know aspects of products such as the Uniflate Nitrogen Inflation Systems and 8CCD Wheel Alignment. The Knowledgebase also allows you to see frequently asked questions covering a large array of topics as well as giving you the option to ask your own questions.

Perhaps the centrepiece of the new customer experience is the parts identification and online ordering system. Every machine has an intricately detailed, interactive exploded diagram allowing users to visually see parts and components for easy identification. You can even request quotes for service visits, extended warranty or additional machinery through the interface.

We already offer one of the best warranties around and as exclusive suppliers of Unite tyre equipment we have a full complement of spares readily available. We are aware that spares availability is a major concern when buying machinery and while some people are unlucky enough to have purchased from a company that doesn’t offer this commitment or have to wait for weeks for a spare, even with some so called “premium branded” machinery, this platform demonstrates our commitment to availability and easy access should there be any issues.

Many customers were asking us for a low cost extended parts warranty for peace of mind after the initial 2 years.With spare parts easily available we have created the ‘self-serve’ warranty where customers can identify and order parts online. This is available for either a small annual fee covering the most common parts or as a pay per part service ordering as you need them.

With our massive online presence it seemed a logical step to provide you with this wealth of information and the ability to order parts either in or out of warranty directly through the site. The detail and the interactive functions with images means no more thumbing through pages of part numbers to find what you need.

The finished product is indeed impressive and ensures that anyone purchasing a Unite branded machine has the back up and support required should the unthinkable happen. Furthermore all manuals, serial number information and instructional videos are in one easy access yet secured personalised account for quick reference. We have always strived for excellent customer service and they believe that this is yet another step to cementing that reputation.

Quality yet affordable Tyre Consumables from Tyre Bay Direct

Tyre Bay Direct offer not only reliable, affordable and robust garage equipment but a full range of tyre consumables too meaning we are able to cater for all your tyre fitting needs from start to finish. Our range of products include the popular and regularly replenished consumable items such as balancing weights, repair materials and tubeless valves as well as an array of cleaning and protection products, tyre mounting aids, hand tools, air tools, floor jacks and much more.

We have a dedicated purchasing team who work hard to find the best value tyre consumables whilst not compromising on quality. Every product in our range is put through vigorous testing to ensure they of the highest standards before being distributed to the trade. Whilst price and value is extremely important to Tyre Bay Direct we also take quality very seriously. Our customers expect high quality products at affordable prices and we aim to live up to our reputation by working very closely with all of our manufacturers to ensure every product is produced to the highest standards. The manufacturer of our repair materials, HOPSON, are no exception.

The range of HOPSON repair materials have been designed to repair nearly every tyre on (or off) the road including small motorcycle tyres, passenger car tyres, truck tyres and agricultural earthmover tyres. With a variety of patches including universal, tube, radial, bias / cross ply and patch-plug combos, they offer robustness, reliability and of course great value. All HOPSON repair materials are manufactured using thick, flexible and heat resistant rubber, many of which include extra shock absorbing, cushioning gum and are twice as tough as the rubber they are repairing.

HOPSON tyre repair patches, patch-plug combination and repair solutions are designed to repair almost any tyre. These products are available in variety of shapes and sizes to be sure that you find the perfect fix for all your repair needs.

Mobile Tyre Fitting Van from Tyre Bay Direct

If you are looking to start your own business as a mobile tyre fitter or looking to upgrade your current van, we may have the solution for you.  With our customers ranging from large fast-fit centres to mobile tyre fitters, we offer the full range of machinery, tyre consumables and tools to cater for all your needs, whatever the size of your workshop!

A couple of months ago one of our existing customers, Darren, got in touch about a fleet of vans he was looking to upgrade. In June this year, Darren attended our High Performance Tyre Fitting Training Course where he had the opportunity to try out our range of Unite machinery. Able to see the quality, reliability and robustness of the equipment for himself, we were his first choice for the job.

Being a mobile tyre fitter himself, Darren was well aware of the potential problems that come with it. Perhaps the most frustrating issue is only having room for a smaller, semi automatic tyre changer which not being designed to cope with low profile or run flat tyres can result in having to turn crucial customers away. Larger, fully automatic machines are usually over looked for a mobile van because of their rear tilting column and wide assist arms taking up precious working space. However with precise measurements and a well thought out design we were able to install the Unite U226, a 24″ fully automatic tyre changer complete with assist arm, which is fully capable of changing low profile and run flat tyres.

Another common problem for mobile tyre fitters is the lack of storage space for tools, consumables and especially for tyres. Many mobile tyre fitters will be familiar with doubling up their working space as their storage space meaning all tyres are removed from the van before any work is carried out, and then put back before moving onto the next job. To overcome this time consuming and frankly annoying setback we created a separate storage compartment, accessible from the back of the van, which is perfect for storing tyres out of the way. We added several storage compartments for tools boxes and consumables as well as a work bench which can be folded away to create even more work space.


Alongside the fully automatic tyre changer stands a compact 24″ hand spin wheel balancer, a 100 litre petrol compressor and inverter system, which is much more economical that a generator, as well as a full range of consumables and tools. The Unite U108 wheel balancers is the perfect solution for a mobile tyre fitting van being capable of coping with the same sized wheels as the larger balancers yet only taking up half the space!

When asked what he likes most about the van Darren commented “The carefully thought out lay out of the van allows extra working space and a tidy storage space at the back of the van for jacks and tyres so we no longer have to tediously load them off and on again each time.”

Lee Daykin, UK Sales Manager commented “I had been speaking with Darren for many weeks to come up with the best solution for his needs and we are both extremely happy with the outcome. We wish Darren the best of luck with his business and welcome him back anytime.”

Tyre Bay Direct looks over the year so far

Our aim at Tyre Bay Direct has always been to provide our customers with exceptional service, advice, support and of course great prices. With that being said, we had great anticipation for 2013 with some big plans and lots to look forward to and the year so far has certainly lived up to our expectations.

With the intention of creating a strong working relationship with all our customers, earlier this year we introduced a brand new discount card. These discount cards have been issued to everyone who has purchased one of the Unite machine packages and is designed to save you money on future orders. This is a thank you to existing customers but also a great help to those getting into tyres for the first time. Our goal is to be your long term reliable supplier rather than a one off garage equipment seller.

Although the majority of our customers are long term garage owners and tyre fitters, we regularly deal with people who are completely new to the trade. We are thrilled to be able to say we have successfully contributed to the opening of hundreds of brand new tyre bays whilst providing not only expert advice, great value and quality machines but Tyre Fitting Training Courses too!

Our IMI accredited High Performance Tyre Fitting Training Courses, ran by the same trainers who carry out training for the NTDA, have been a huge success.  We could not have wished for better feedback from all who have attended the courses so far with all candidates saying they thoroughly enjoyed the course and would gladly recommend it to anyone. All successful candidates will be able to proudly display their certificate giving their customers full confidence in their abilities. The trainers are fantastic and really ensure everyone gets the most out of their time here. The next available course is in November so be sure to book your place now before it is fully booked!



This year has also seen the launch of couple of brand new and exciting products from Tyre Bay Direct. Firstly, the Vertical Motorised Storage Systems which are designed to utilize the unused vertical space in your garage and save valuable floor space.  The motorised system allows one person to quickly and safely access tyres at the push of a button. This rotates the system bringing you the requested tyre without any effort or risk. Capable of holding over 280 tyres you need never send your customers away again!




We also launched the Customised Valve Key Rings which have been designed as a promotional gifts for the trade to distribute to their customers. Created to say ‘Thank you’ to your existing customers and bring in repeat business. The key rings can be printed with the text of your choice and come not only in the standard black valve, but a range of colours too including silver, red, purple, blue and green. Why not extend the uses of the key ring and turn it into a loyalty scheme by asking your customers to show the key ring, when they return, for a discount off their next order! The Customised Valve Key Ring is a must have for any tyre shop wanting to keep their customers loyal and stand out from the competition within the same area. You can pre-order your key ring now on our website!

Another highlight of the year so far was the launch of our new website.  Several months ago we sent a newsletters asking for your opinions on our website and suggestions on how it could be improved. We already had a fully e-commerce website, meaning you can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and with thousands of visitors a week it is extremely important that our website lives up to your expectations. We were extremely pleased with the response to the newsletter and the many great ideas and comments given. We would like to thank you all again for your time and comments and remind you that your feedback is highly valued so keep it coming!

A new look for our website!

Tyre Bay Direct regularly sends Customer Care Surveys and Feedback Forms to see how we can improve our services, with the aim of giving the best customer experience possible. We greatly appreciate constructive criticism and welcome all feedback.

A few months ago Tyre Bay Direct sent a newsletter asking you, our valuable customers, for opinions on our website and suggestions on how we could possibly improve it. Our website is fully e-commerce, meaning you can order online 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and with thousands of visitors every week, it is extremely important that Tyre Bay Direct lives up to its customer’s expectations. We are extremely pleased by the response to the newsletter and the many great ideas and comments given. We have carefully read each and every comment and discussed in-depth how we can implement positive changes within the new website.

Tyre Bay Direct branding is still strong throughout, with the distinguishing bright and cheerful colours that we are known for. Our ‘Live Chat’ feature means customers can speak to our team any time between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and can also leave a message outside of these hours. All Unite machinery images feature a ‘zoom’ function, and many have demonstration videos to clearly show the range and how each machine works. Many more features of the website have been improved to make our customer’s online experience as simple and as smooth as possible.

We, at Tyre Bay Direct, would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our website and see the changes for yourself.  We would also like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everybody who took the time to fill in our Customer Care Survey. There will be many more opportunities for you to give your feedback in the future so watch out for our newsletters.  We are always willing to listen to your ideas and comments!

Thank you from all the team at Tyre Bay Direct.

Innovative promotional gifts from Tyre Bay Direct

Here at Tyre Bay Direct we have designed a unique promotional gift for the trade to distribute to their customers. We know that promotional gifts are a great way to say ‘Thank you’ to your customers as well as generating repeat business from existing customers and creating new business from non-existing customers. We wanted the small gift to be original and interesting to have the best possible impact on the end user and after long deliberation the Customised Valve Key Ring was created.

The idea stemmed from our incredibly popular product, the customised tyre valve, of which we are proud to be the exclusive producers and distributors. The valves are typically printed with the company’s name, telephone number and message of their choice, usually their website address. They are then fitted to the customers’ wheel as normal with the intent to remind them where to go for their tyre service needs.

Over the past few years the customised valves have become a very popular consumable item in our vast product range and many customers have swapped their order of plain valves for the customised valves.

The key rings can be printed with a text of your choice and come not only in the traditional black valve, but in a mixed bag of metallic colours too which includes silver, blue, purple, red and green. Why not extend the uses of the key ring by writing something a bit different the valve for example, “5% OFF YOUR NEXT TYRE ORDER” or “M.O.T ONLY £29.99” etc.

With thousands of key rings being sold within the first couple of weeks we are expecting a huge demand for the product and are therefore offering you the chance to place a pre-order for yours now. Simply order online or email with the quantity and text you require along with your contact details and we will be in touch!

The Customised Valve Key Ring is a must have for any tyre shop wanting to keep their customers loyal and stand out from the competition within the same area.

Another Successful Course from Tyre Bay Direct

Last April we successfully completed our third highly praised High Performance Tyre Fitting Training Course. This course saw 7 candidates from all different backgrounds including new tyre business owners, existing customers and previous tyre fitters wanting to brush up on their skills. On the third and final day of the course all candidates were tested on the areas they had covered over the previous couple of days including how to safely change a tyre, balance a wheel and repair a puncture.

Although the trainers are part of their own professional company, who often carry out training for the NTDA, we at Tyre Bay Direct enjoying chatting with everyone who attends the course, after all they are our valued customers. After speaking with all the candidates we are once again very pleased with their great feedback with everyone saying they thoroughly enjoyed their time here and would highly recommend the course. The candidates were asked to fill in a short feedback form if they had any additional comments and after reading their comments it was once again clear that the trainers had done another fantastic job and everyone left the course full of useful knowledge.

“Enjoyable and friendly course, I would recommend to anyone.”

“The instructors helped make the course easy and very understandable”

 “Nice people, friendly environment, tea, coffee and snacks provided – Great!”

“I didn’t know much about tyres when I joined the course but now I can confidently fit, balance and repair tyres – Many thanks!”

All successful candidates will now receive an IMI Quality Assured Award in the High Performance Tyre Fitting Programme. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who attended this course as well as all previous courses.

High Performance Tyre Fitting Training Course

IMI Accredited Tyre Fitting Courses at Tyre Bay Direct

Tyre Bay Direct has secured itself as being one of the industry leaders in the supply of tyre fitting equipment and tyre consumables. Over the last 10 years, the company has developed its Unite brand to the point of being able to offer a high quality product at an affordable price and were the first in the industry to be able to offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.  With their constant new and often innovative products, it is no surprise that they are about to launch another industry first from a supplier, IMI Accredited Tyre Fitting Courses!

The course is held over 2 1/2 days, with a day of theory and a full day of practical, followed by a half day assessment.  Covering everything from health and safety, run-flat technologies to safe tyre removal and replacement of tyres, this course literally covers it all! The successful candidates will not only receive an IMI Quality Approved Award in High Performance Light Vehicle Tyre Fitting but this award will also count as a credit towards the nationally recognised Technical Certificate in Vehicle Fitting!

Tyre Bay Direct has already run the first successful course with some excellent feedback from those that attended. Customers and non customers alike have come from all over to take part in the course and have been surprised by just how much they have learnt and just how beneficial the course was for them.

The training course is held at Tyre Bay Directs impressive training centre in the midlands with a classroom for the theory sessions and a complete training and demonstration area for the practical aspect of the course. With only 6 delegates attending anyone course there is plenty of time for the trainers to focus on individuals and provide them the information that they need. Delegates also leave with a complete “knowledge booklet” giving them reference to tyre markings, correct repair procedures and correct fitting procedures along with a wealth of other information to ensure they are doing things correctly.

Tyre Bay Direct is urging more people to take advantage of this course and proudly display to your customers that you and your fitters have been trained to the highest standards. Each delegate receives an IMI certificate which can give your customers confidence that they are in safe hands. For more course information and dates or to register then please visit our Training Course section on the website.

Tyre Bay Direct urges all tyre retailers to explore TPMS further

Tyre Bay Direct urges all tyre retailers both experienced and new to explore TPMS further. Tyre retailers have a major new profit opportunity with the TPMS legislation which came into place November 2012. With Tyre Bay Direct’s expertise and wide product range, tyre traders and garages have every reason to get involved.

Tyre centres and garages are missing and excellent opportunity to generate extra revenue from service kits, replacement sensors and triggering and updating the ECU. Alternatively you could send your vital customers away to the dealership, but with close to 8 million vehicles already sold with TPMS systems, and from 2014 all new cars will be sold with TPMS, Tyre Bay Direct have seen a vast amount of their customers cleverly take advantage of this legislation.

Tyre Bay Direct has gone to great lengths to create one of the most advanced TPMS search facilities available, giving you information in seconds. By entering only the make, model and year of the vehicle, the website allows you to identify the exact sensor or service kit you require.

To get started with TPMS, Tyre Bay Direct offer starter kits from their basic TPMS kit which includes service kits and valves, to their premium TPMS kit which will allow you to do everything without the need to send your customers anywhere else, keeping them loyal to you and your garage.

Setting TPMS up in your garage with Tyre Bay Direct will be simple, fast and most importantly a worth while investment. Visit the TPMS section on Tyre Bay Direct’s website to learn more.

Tyre Bay Direct offer IMI accredited Tyre Fitting Training course

Tyre Bay Direct is renowned for being the first for many things, not just new products but in offering the customer what they are after. The Unite brand has grown significantly in the UK and represents quality tyre service equipment at realistic prices. Tyre Bay Direct were also the first company to offer machinery package deals, giving their customers significant savings and all their packages still offer the very best machinery deals on the market, complete with a 2 year warranty.

However Tyre Bay Direct are about to launch another first to support the range of products they already sell. Leigh Stote, Sales Director explains “More and more of our customers, new and existing ask if training is available to cope with the increasingly difficult Low Profile and Run Flat tyre fitting techniques. We have the equipment to cope with the latest tyre designs but also have a strong philosophy of service and we wanted to give our customers the knowledge too. We are therefore pleased to announce that we will be holding ‘High Performance Tyre Fitting Training Courses’ from January 2013. The courses are IMI Accredited and run by the same company who carry out training for the NTDA. The 2.5 day course will teach all aspects of tyre fitting ending with a test and certification process. We feel this course is extremely beneficial to anyone wanting to ensure the highest level of workmanship in their centres and also ensure the safe fitting of tyres”

For the more experienced fitters there is a one day refresher course with certification. You can also view Tyre Bay Directs demonstration area at anytime to see the latest Unite wheel service equipment and discuss your requirements.

Exclusive Distributors: Alloy Wheel Protection systems – Rimbands

Tyre Bay Direct has been appointed exclusive distributors of the next generation of Alloy Wheel Protection systems, Rimbands. Rimbands are a stretchy, hard wearing continuous band of silicone rubber that is fitted around the circumference of alloy wheels preventing damage caused by hitting kerbs, pothole damage and in addition mask existing scuffs making older scuffed wheels look new again.

Rimbands have been designed as a universal size that will fit any alloy wheel from 15” to 22”. The continuous band of rubber stretches over the rim to create a perfect fit without the need for messy adhesive products to complete the circle or cutting to size prior to fitting. The simple stretch and grip principle means they are easy to fit for the tyre shop and more attractive than the first generation of Alloy Wheel Protection Systems. Rimbands are designed to be supplied and fitted by tyre and wheel professional’s only.

Being available to the trade at nearly half the suggested selling price, Rimbands are able to generate extra revenue for your business.

Darren Bowden, Managing Director of Rimbands commented “Tyre Bay Direct was our first choice when we were looking for a company to distribute our product. We liked their professionalism from the start and we believe they are the best placed company in this market to achieve Rimbands full potential.”

Available in a vast range of colours, Rimbands are fast becoming a must have stylish accessory as well as an efficient alloy wheel protector. Rimbands will be on display at upcoming trade shows including Automechanika in Frankfurt, Brityrex in Manchester and SEMA in Las Vegas.

Tyre Bay Direct Exhibiting at the Brityrex show

Tyre Bay Direct is looking to strengthen its position as one of Europe’s premier suppliers of quality tyre service equipment and consumable items by exhibiting at this year’s Brityrex show. As one of the newest supplier members of the NTDA and with over 50 years experience in the tyre industry Tyre Bay Direct are keen to discuss the needs of tyre fitters today and provide valuable solutions.

Leigh Stote, Sales and Marketing Director says “Being heavily internet and mail order based Tyre Bay Direct welcomes opportunities to meet new and existing customers at events such as Brityrex and build stronger relationships with our ever expanding customer base.”

Tyre Bay Directs main attraction will be their famous Unite machine packages which all come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty as standard. There will also be displays of consumable and garage equipment including an impressive TPMS showing, demonstrating the full range of lines that Tyre Bay Direct stock in their purpose built 20,000 sq ft warehouse in the Midlands!

As another big feature along with the tyre machinery, Tyre Bay Direct will be showing off their Uniflate nitrogen systems which have been supplied to Formula 1 Grand Prix racing since 1992. Additionally, the most advanced customer retention package ever, the Nitrofill Auto Club will be unveiled which can increase traffic to tyre centres up to 4 fold! Combining this with the Uniflate nitrogen systems which are installed in thousands of tyre centres in the UK means visitors will see the very best options of Nitrogen inflation.

Think Smart – The Smarter way to do business

Tyre Bay Direct has teamed up with Think Smart to offer a revolution in Tyre Equipment leasing. Rent Smart has been available through Curry’s and Dixons for many years but Tyre Bay Direct are the first people to bring it into the Garage Equipment market.

Rent Smart gives Tyre Bay Directs customers the ability to lease any capital equipment they choose from £250 to £5000 with a simple 5 minute application. “It’s the next generation of leasing” explains Leigh Stote, Sales Director at Tyre Bay Direct. “In the past, our customers faced a long list of questions and paperwork as well as having to provide bank statements and all sorts of guarantees. This led to delays in receiving equipment in effect penalising those people who wanted to use the tax effective option of leasing equipment. Rent Smart is the perfect solution to that problem.”

With the new Rent Smart product, people can apply for leasing within minutes either over the phone, face to face or through a fully integrated on line application. The decision is instant and in effect customers can now choose to lease the equipment and receive delivery in the same time scales as if they choose to pay cash.

Rent Smart seems to offer all the tax advantages of leasing but with none of the hassle and has proved very popular with Tyre Bay Directs customers already. “Our customers are really taking to this option of purchasing equipment.” says Leigh Stote. “Tyre Bay Direct is once again proud to be at the forefront of introducing new concepts and systems to serve the garage equipment market in the best possible way.”

To find out more about Rent Smart simply visit Tyre Bay Directs website or call for more details.

Tyre Bay Direct Ltd Member of the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA)

Tyre Bay Direct is now a proud supplier member of the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA). Having the right to display the NTDA’s distinctive “kneeling man” logo means we are amongst the businesses that operate to the highest professional standards. It’s a sign of reassurance recognized equally by trade customers through to the private motorist. With the recognized logo comes reassurance for everyone dealing with Tyre Bay Direct, from the independent mobile tyre fitter to the largest national fast fit chains that the company is committed to the industry it serves.

The NTDA started back in 1930 promoting the interests of the tyre retailer and remains their overall goal to this day. Being a supplier member of the NTDA holds many benefits that Tyre Bay Direct are thrilled to be a part of. They are the voice of the independent tyre and fast fit retailers throughout the UK representing them at the highest levels of government on issues concerning the tyre, fast fit and wider automotive aftermarket. As well as actively promoting, developing and supporting the members’ professional interests, they raise their members’ status and profile of the retail sector among customer and related industry groups. And possibly most important of all they champion the importance of responsible tyre safety among all road users.

Tyre Bay Direct asks are you ready for TPMS?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, also known as TPMS will soon become a legal requirement of the MOT test. As of November 1st 2012 all new passenger car models must be fitted with TPMS and a non working TPMS system will be an advisory on the MOT test from 1st January 2012. As from January next year, all taxis will be required to have the TPMS system working to pass the MOT and this will then become the same for all TPMS fitted vehicles as of the start of 2015. This legislation was put into place, by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), following a study of road traffic accidents involving under inflated tyres.

Tyre Bay Direct believes they are best placed to help you prepare for this legislation change! “We have a complete selection of trigger tools, workshop tools, OE TPMS sensor Valves from the likes of Schrader and Beru, as well as full TPMS kits with the ATEQ VT55 tools and popular sensor and service kits” commented Leigh Stote, Sales and Marketing director. He also added “We have gone to great lengths to fully understand all the available systems on the market and the ATEQ tool offers a simple and affordable solution. When it comes to TPMS we are on hand to help choose what is best suited for you and your business”.

Tyre Centres and garages can generate revenue from service kits, replacement sensors and triggering and updating the vehicles ECU, instead of handing this exclusively to the dealerships and with close to 8 million vehicles already sold with TPMS systems Tyre Bay Direct have seen a large amount of their customer base take advantage of the increased revenue now.

They also have one of the most advanced TPMS search facilities available, giving you information in seconds. The website allows you to identify the exact TPMS Valve or service kit you need from just the vehicle make, model and year. The site provides full information on the sensor, the Nm torque settings, associated kits and also what other vehicles the sensor is compliant with.

From their basic TPMS Kits, which gives you a small package of service kits and service valves together with the ATEQ VT15 trigger tool, the grommet removal tool and the core and valve torque tools for a basic service, through to their TPMS kit 3 and the comprehensive ATEQ VT55 OBDII tool which allows ECU programming they are certain they can find the right solution for you.

Uniflate launch the Uniflate Nitrofill Auto Club

We all know converting to nitrogen in tyres can improve your fuel economy by up to 10% and increase your Tyre life by 30% or more while dramatically increasing the safety of your vehicle.

High purity nitrogen has been used for decades in Formula One, with Uniflate being the sole and exclusive suppliers since 1992.

We now bring you the Auto Club, an exclusive club available at participating distributors of Uniflate Nitrogen. To back up the amazing benefits of Uniflate Nitrogen our participating distributors will give you a free 12 month registration into the Auto Club. This gives you benefits such as Tyre Repair and Replacement coverage, Free 24 hour roadside assistance, 24 hour towing and many more benefits.

Our nitrogen generators have set the standard worldwide and are used by the likes of Porsche, Nissan and BMW dealerships, local councils, and over 2000 Tyre retailing outlets. In fact, Uniflate was selected, and remains, the sole nitrogen Tyre inflation product used by Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli in all Formula 1 Grand Prix since 1992. With our Auto club coverage, we take it one step further than anyone else in the market.

New Product- 8 CCD Computerised Wheel Alignment System

Tyre Bay Direct have introduced a new range of Computerised wheel balancing equipment. The TBDWAG58 is the flagship system in the range offering state of the art alignment with full colour print out for wheel ranges 11″ – 25″.

Standard with the machine is the cabinet and mainframe computer with 17″ LCD screen, colour printer and Windows 7 operating platform. The system offers multi lingual audio guidance as well as a stunning 3D instructional training video.

The 4 sensors, all 8 CCD have touch key interface with Lithium batteries offering extended capacity and battery life. Also included are the 4 universal self centering clamps with the range of 11″-25″, mechanical turn plates, steering wheel lock and brake depressor.

Some of the other technical features of the system include;

New generation wireless communication
Dual wired and wireless control option
Data Freeze program to ensure no data loss
Lift calibration and compensation
Data of over 20,000 vehicles through Auto Data UK data base
Self diagnostic and repair
Black Box recorder
Work efficiency management program.

These systems are being offered at a special introductory price for a certain time and are available on line or through our main sales centre.

Tyre Bay Direct unveil the all new, UK manufactured Unite Bead Blaster

The Bead Booster / Blaster, sometimes referred to as a Cheetah has turned one of the most frustrating and time consuming jobs in the tyre shop into one of the quickest and easiest. It seats the beads of difficult tubeless tyres instantly by directing a rush of air into the gap between the tyre and rim, lifting the bead to give a contact seal which allows the tyre to inflate. Easy to use on car, truck, bus, agricultural and ATV tyres. Perfect for service vehicle and workshop use. It will save you time and money.

The Unite Bead Blaster is made in the UK and is supplied with full CE certification. Available now for a limited time at an introductory price of just £99.99 + VAT



Tyre Bay Direct Announcement- ISO accreditation

Tyre Bay Direct are proud to announce they have been accessed and approved by QMS International Plc to the following quality management systems, standards and guidelines: ISO 9001: 2008

The approved quality management systems apply to the following:


ISO 9001The certificate was presented by Jim Simnett to Siobhan Day on the 12th August 2011 at Tyre Bay Direct’s headquarters in Redditch, Worcestershire.


Finance Available from Tyre Bay Direct

Together with our partners Kennets Equipment Finance, we are able to offer you 3 attractive Finance deals:

2 Years, 3 Years, 5 Years

Applying for finance online couldn’t be easier consisting of 3 easy steps:

  1. Add your items to the online basket
  2. Choose the Finance option at the checkout
  3. Provide your address / delivery details then our finance team will be in contact with you to arrange the paperwork.

Apply online or call our sales team on 0845 900 2130