Tyre efficiency from Tyre Bay Direct

At Tyre Bay Direct we recommend inflating all tyres with Uniflate Nitrogen for improved fuel efficiency, reduced rolling resistance and increased pressure retention – keeping you safe and saving you money.

Uniflate Nitrogen has been used by every Formula 1 Grand Prix team since 1992, and was created right here at Tyre Bay Direct!  As experts in the industry, we believe Uniflate nitrogen combines high performance and maximum safety to make it our first choice for tyre inflation.

Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre InflationUniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

New Product- Primeshield

As part of Tyre Bay Direct’s continued research into new products we now present:

PrimeshieldInvisible Gloves! If you work in dirt, grease, oil, rubber, paint or ink, PRIMESHIELD is the perfect solution.
PRIMESHIELD acts as an invisible glove forming a membrane 30 seconds after application, protecting working hands from the ingrained dirt and grime that industry throws at you.
PRIMESHIELD is more than just a barrier cream, with it’s 4-in-1 solution.

Available in sachet form, each sachet has enough product for 2 applications. Available in varying pack sizes as shown below. For larger bottles and dispensers please contact our sales team 01527 883580

Product Code TBD93-50 Quantity 50


Why Uniflate?

Police forces across the country conducted a survey; they discovered that 86% of vehicles involved in road traffic accidents had incorrect tyre pressures.

There are three main reasons why maintaining the right tyre pressure is important. The first is safety. Tyres that are under inflated can overheat and cause difficulty in road handling. The second reason is economy. Under inflated tyres suffer more damage than those with the correct pressure and need to be replaced more regularly. Vehicles with under-inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance that require more fuel to maintain the same speed. The third reason is the environment. Correct tyre pressures help to maintain optimum fuel efficiency. This can equate to lower Co2 emissions coming from your vehicle.

Why use Uniflate Oxygen and water vapour contained in normal compressed air leaks through the wall of the tyre resulting in a decrease in pressure. Uniflate contains minimal amounts of both oxygen and water vapour and therefore tyres remain at the correct pressure for longer. All the components of air that we have identified as undesirable are removed and replaced with Nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert, dry, non-flammable gas that is favoured by Formula One racing for its safety and efficiency, therefore everything in Uniflate is what we want in a tyre.

Uniflate is the only inflation medium developed solely for pneumatic tyre inflation and maintains the correct tyre pressure for longer. This leads to benefits such as:

1) Reduced Fuel Consumption

Up to 5% reduction in fuel consumption

2) Longer Tread Life

Up to 25% increase in tyre life

3) Safer Motoring

Better road holding and handling

4) No Oxidation

No water vapour or oxygen means no corrosion of wheels

To discuss your specific requirements and no obligation quote talk to the experts,

1) Exclusive suppliers to Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing since 1992,

2) Over 1500 installations in the UK and Europe

3) Most competitive system on the market

4) A direct and never ending supply of nitrogen from your existing compressed air-no tanks- no re-fills

5) Can be installed in under 10 minutes

Call our sales team on 0845 900 2130


Nitrogen Tyre InflationUniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Unite Brand goes from Strength to Strength

Unite LogoTyre Bay Direct, exclusive UK suppliers of Unite Tyre Equipment believe they have built a strongly recognised brand synonymous with quality, durability and value for money.

For the last 6 years Tyre Bay Direct has maintained a close partnership with Unite to develop and supply durable, high spec tyre machinery at affordable prices. This is backed by the fact that Unite are now OEM suppliers to Toyota manufacturing in the Far East. Closer to home, Tyre Bay Direct have supplied Unite equipment to the likes of Police forces, MOD, Main car dealerships including Nissan and BMW and even major players in the market such as Hi Q and Pro-tyre centres. Leigh Stote, Sales Director commented “Pro-Tyre are a welcome customer for Tyre Bay Direct and seem happy with our service. They recently ordered a machine for their Stockport branch and were impressed with the prompt service. The feedback from the guys on site was that they thought the machine was very good and were impressed with the accessories supplied as standard”.

It’s unsurprising that Tyre Bay Direct and Unite are becoming the choice for many people with the quality carefully developed with the manufacturer and a through hand building and testing process taking place in their head office in the Midlands. The 2 year standard warranty also demonstrates the belief in the machines strength and that Tyre Bay Direct takes the after sales service of their customers very seriously.

New Product – Blue Nitrile Gloves

Blue Nitrile GlovesUnlike the usual latex gloves the Nitrile material that the gloves are made from is 3 times less likely to catch and tear but still offers the same sensitivity making them ideal for all situations. As well as this, the Nitrile material is resistant to chemicals providing a greater level of protection.

There’s no problem in getting a full day’s wear from these gloves and the blue material is just that bit more stylish than the old white latex. (Supplied in boxes of 100) available in sizes medium, large and extra large.

Product Code: TBD08DL –Large


Precision Automated Wheel Balancing from Tyre Bay Direct

Tyre Bay Direct is further consolidating its presence in the market with the growing popularity of its 3D motorised wheel balancer, at a fraction of the cost of similar products from other distributors.  The U829’s automatic data entry – including the wheel width measurement without the use of calipers – further reduces the turnover time when it comes to wheel balancing, especially with a cycle time of just 8 seconds per wheel. The self calibration functionality through the state of the art processor reduces the possibility of human error during set up and operation.  Amongst its other features, the machine boasts a split-weight function to provide precision balanced alloy wheels without unsightly visible weights.

The machine can comfortably deal with wheels from 10” – 24” and with adaptors available for motorcycles, light commercial vehicles and centreless or ‘blind’ wheels almost any wheel on the road can be balanced in seconds.


Complete with all the functionality that even the most demanding fast fit centre would expect the Unite U829 offers real value for money. Advanced diagnostic and calibration software also ensures the greatest possible accuracy and information is available to the fitter during the process. Leigh Stote, Sales Director at Tyre Bay Direct says “Unite is a strong brand in the market and their combined development with Tyre Bay Direct is providing some excellent solutions in the equipment market at realistic prices. We are proud to be associated with Unite and the quality that they offer and are pleased they have chosen us as their sole UK distributor.”

The Unite U829 is available with a 2 year warranty as standard and with Tyre Bay Direct’s own engineers providing installation, training and repair assistance across the UK as well as a full range of consumables available for free next day delivery, the after sales service is unrivalled.

Product Code: TBDU829


New Product- Pneumatic Tyre Spreader

Pneumatic Tyre SpreaderAs part of Tyre Bay Direct’s continued research into new products we now present:

The powerful Pneumatic tyre spreader will make repair of inner tyre a simple operation. With trigger operation the pneumatic ram and claws will open up the bead of the tyre with a simple push, giving full and easy access to the repair area.

Product Code: TBD077P



New Product- Tyre Caddy

As part of Tyre Bay Direct’s continued research into new products we now present:

The purpose built Tyre caddy makes moving multiple tyres around simple. With opening bottom “jaws” to reach under the tyre stack, lifting, moving and dropping up to 8 tyres at a time is a one man operation.

Not a standard “sack truck”. The design and operation is directed towards the sole purpose of Tyre movement.

Product Code: TBDCAD



New Product- Alloy Wheel Protector Rings Set

As part of Tyre Bay Direct’s continued research into new products we now present:

The metal ring protector set is suitable for all passenger car wheels. The rings protect alloy wheels during the mount and demount process. The set includes 6 rings from 15″ to 20″. Simply fit the ring over wheel prior to removal or fitment of the tyre to ensure no damage to the alloy wheel!

Product Code: AWPS


Pirelli pumps up with Uniflate nitrogen

Continuing a tradition of almost 20 years, Pirelli have chosen to extend the existing contract with Uniflate nitrogen tyre inflation across all Formula 1, GP1 and GP2 races for the next three seasons.

The move comes as no surprise to those in the know – in a race where every fraction of a second counts, the changes in pressure that can occur when tyres are inflated with compressed air rather than Uniflate gas can be disastrous to a team’s performance.

In 1991 the creators of Uniflate were approached by Goodyear to develop a tyre inflation system for Formula 1 racing.  The original system was a phenomenal success and was soon adopted by all Formula 1 teams and has been their choice of tyre inflation gas since the 1992 season to the present day.

Since Uniflate first went into partnership with Goodyear in 1992, all subsequent tyre suppliers to the championship teams have followed suit and Uniflate systems have been used alongside tyres manufactures by Bridgestone, Michelin and now Pirelli.

From the year 2000, Uniflate has been working closely with Formula 1 teams including Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Toro Rosso, Force India and Honda to design and build bespoke tyre inflation systems according to individual teams’ requirements.

Uniflate are proud to continue their relationship with Formula 1 and are looking forward to working more closely with Pirelli in the seasons to come.

Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Systems available exclusively at Tyre Bay Direct – Formula 1 Technology in your workshop!  Call Leigh on 01527 883 580 for more information on how to offer Uniflate to your customers!

Tyre Bay Direct’s New Look Installation and Service Vehicles

Tyre Bay Direct’s team of installation and service engineers are back on the road in new look service vehicles.  Delivering and installing our range of garage equipment, wheel balancers and tyre changers up and down the country and providing all the necessary training for our happy customers, our engineers could be coming to you with some top quality equipment from Unite – exclusively distributed by Tyre Bay Direct.

New catalogue release

Our brand new 16 page catalogue contains the best value high quality equipment from valves, weights and tyre repair to tyre changers, wheel balancers and Nitrogen to fit every budget and application. Go online to our home page and browse our interactive catalogue or request a copy info@tyrebaydirect.com 

Tyre Bay Direct- Ultimate Start up Package

This package has been specifically designed to offer fantastic savings on the very best equipment for tyre changing and balancing.

The state of the art U226 with low profile and run flat capability combined with the fully automatic 3D wheel balancer including both adaptors. A powerful 2.2kw professional compressor and 540NM air wrench all consumables including weights, valves, repair materials, hand tools and pastes along with air hoses, jacks and 2 year warranty.

Call our sales team 0845 900 2130 for details

Garage Equipment from Tyre Bay Direct

Tyre Bay Direct are pleased to announce the expansion of their range of high quality garage equipment with the introduction of a range of lifting equipment.  In addition to the tyre changers, wheel balancers and nitrogen tyre inflation systems already available, Tyre Bay Direct have further cemented their position in the market as a one stop shop for everything you’ll need in a tyre bay.

The lifts available have been robustly constructed by Unite, a brand with which Tyre Bay Direct have had a strong working relationship for many years and continue to be sole distributors of the brand in the UK.  Available in either a two-post or four-post construction and with a choice of manual or electromagnetic locking for optimised safety and reliability Unite’s lifts are a solid investment for any workshop.  The four-ton four-post model is also perfectly adapted to use during four wheel alignment, opening up the possibility for an additional revenue stream for your business.

The Unite range of garage equipment, exclusive to Tyre Bay Direct, also features great value tyre changers and wheel balancers suitable for a variety of applications.  Whether it’s a mobile van, a small tyre bay as an addition to an existing business or a busy fast fit centre, Tyre Bay Direct’s expert sales team and experienced engineers can find the garage equipment solution for you.  As with all of Tyre Bay Direct’s Unite machinery, everything is supplied with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.  Leigh Stote, Managing Director at Tyre Bay Direct confirms, “With engineers up and down the country, complete stock of spares and accessories and solid technical knowledge of the Unite brand, we offer after sales support that is unrivalled in our industry.”


New catalogue release

Our brand new 16 page catalogue contains the best value high quality equipment from valves, weights and tyre repair to tyre changers, wheel balancers and Nitrogen to fit every budget and application. Go online to our home page and browse our interactive catalogue or request a copy info@tyrebaydirect.com

Precision wheel alignment equipment from Tyre Bay Direct

Tyre Bay Direct, experts in tyre machinery and exclusive suppliers of Uniflate nitrogen tyre inflation systems to Formula 1 since 1992 are pleased to be able to offer Precision Point’s ultra modern wheel alignment equipment to the market.

Unlike a front wheel gauge which cannot determine the relationship between the front and rear wheels and can only centre the steering wheel by trial and error, the Trak-Rite XY from Tyre Bay Direct can centre steering and check front and rear tracking and alignment quickly and efficiently allowing you to offer wheel alignment as a very profitable additional revenue stream.

The equipment features sprung aluminium contact pins which are gentle on alloys and a low clearance height making light work of low spoilers, suspension and wheel arches, making the Trak-Rite XY is suitable for any vehicle.  All measurements are clearly marked to be readable from any angle and minimum downtime is guaranteed with wireless operation and two rechargeable battery sets supplied.  As with all garage equipment from Tyre Bay Direct, full training and warranty are available.


Merityre Expand With Uniflate!

Merityre, founded in Andover, Hampshire, in 1961 now operates 21 tyre fitting centres across the South and Thames Valley.  Offering tyre fitting as well as MOTs at selected centres, Merityre aims to provide a service which exceeds their customers’ expectations.

This month, Uniflate engineers have completed yet more installations at Merityre branches in Wallington and Basingstoke bringing the total amount of Merityre fitting centres offering Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation to 18 across the south.

Visit your local Merityre tyre fitting centre today to ask about how Uniflate could benefit you!

New Product- Linseal Tyre Sealant

As part of Tyre Bay Direct’s continued research into new products we now present: Linseal a revolutionary liquid puncture preventative. Linseal remains liquid inside a tyre or inner tube and will instantly seal a hole in the tread area if applied before a puncture occurs.

As the wheel rotates, the product is spread evenly across the inner surface of the tyre. When a puncture occurs and air escapes, the air pressure forces Linseal into the wound producing a strong, airtight seal which will last the life of the tyre or tube.

Unlike other aerosol products on the market containing latex, Linseal will not harm the tyre, and can seal a puncture up to 10mm in diameter.

Product Code: TBDLINSEAL


Tyre Bay Direct – A One Stop Shop

Tyre Bay Direct strives to offer their customer absolutely everything they need to run a successful tyre shop, from consumable items such as weights and valves all the way up to top of the range tyre changers and wheel balancers, vehicle lifts and nitrogen inflation systems.

Black Jack, the American supplier of tyre repair materials, leader in the field since 1976, produces premium quality repair materials and chemicals across the pond and ships exclusively to Tyre Bay Direct for the UK and Ireland.  Bestsellers in the range include patch-plug combis which are efficiently packaged to maximise convenience and the ingenious Pic-Pak repair material storage rack, which allows fitting centres to purchase the more unusual sizes of patches in smaller quantities and organise them in the space saving storage system.

Tyre Bay Direct are also longstanding exclusive distributors of Rubber Vulk wheel weights, valves and self-adhesive weights.  The enduring relationship between these two companies ensures a quality product at a great price providing unbeatable value for money.

As far as machinery is concerned, Tyre Bay Direct is now in its seventh year of partnership with Unite and continues to develop this successful relationship and has recently expanded the range of Unite machinery including a range of vehicle lifts onto the market.  As with all Tyre Bay Direct garage equipment, full training and warranty are available from our expert engineers working nationwide.

The Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Every part your car which helps it to travel in a straight line forms part of its alignment.  A bump into the kerb, driving over a speed bump too fast, a crash or even a large pothole can affect the alignment of your car, so a thorough check and adjustments are important.  If these important adjustments are not carried out your vehicle may pull to the side and cause excessive wear to its tyres.

Wheel alignment, also known as tracking or geometry, measures whether your tyres are parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground, ensuring that you car travels with equal load bearing on all areas of the tyre, and in a true straight line.

There are 4 key benefits to wheel alignment:

A) When wheels aren’t properly aligned, and point inwards towards each other this is called the ‘toe-in’ and can result in a narrow strip on the tyre’s inner side wearing down very quickly – running your hand across the tyre and noticing if the wear is different each way should show this.  Regular wheel alignment checks and adjustments will mean that tyres will wear evenly, for the longest life possible.

B) When wheels are properly aligned and inflated meaning that the weight of their load is carried evenly across all four wheels, their rolling resistance is decreased.  This can help with fuel economy, and a saving on fuel these days is well worth the price of an alignment check.

C) With correctly aligned wheels, the handling of the vehicle improves – the driver will have to fight the steering less to get the vehicle to travel in a straight line.  This reduces driver fatigue and is much safer when towing.

D) Generally, front wheels ‘steer’ and rear wheels ‘direct’ a vehicle in motion.  By aligning both sets of wheels to a common middle point, handling problems are solved.

Tyre Bay Direct wheel alignment checking products, British made equipment from Precision Point for the most accurate readings ensuring great handling and control on all vehicles.


New Catalogue release

Our brand new 16 page catalogue contains the best value high quality equipment from valves, weights and tyre repair to tyre changers, wheel balancers and Nitrogen to fit every budget and application. Go online to our home page and browse our interactive catalogue or request a copy info@tyrebaydirect.com