Product Focus: Atlas WB12

Product Focus: Atlas WB12 Wheel Balancer

In the garage equipment industry, the Atlas brand has quite the reputation. Originating from across the pond, this esteemed American brand has been trusted by garages for decades now – and its products are finally available to purchase here in the UK through Tyre Bay Direct.


Tweaked and reengineered to suit the requirements of European workshops, the Atlas products we sell have proven immensely popular – and the WB12 wheel balancer is a perfect example of what makes this brand so great.


Why buy a WB12?

Coming in at a little more than a Redback machine (but considerably less than a Hofmann Megaplan model), the Atlas WB12 really does offer the best of both worlds. Proven durability and cutting edge engineering. All of the features you need and none that you don’t. A surprisingly affordable entry point. This machine has an awful lot going for it.


As a manual data input balancer, the WB12 isn’t the most technologically advanced machine out there. But if you don’t use your wheel balancer all day long, that won’t matter. And on the flipside, this machine’s relative simplicity makes it easy to use and even more dependable. It’s a win-win.


Remember how we said the WB12 had all of the features you need and none that you don’t? Although it goes without sensors to automatically detect the size and offset of the wheel, it has built-in motors for a swift, efficient balancing process. Simply input the parameters of the wheel, lower the hood and off you go – the machine will handle the rest. Cycle times of just seven seconds allow you to complete the wheel balancing process quicker than ever before.


An intuitive wheel hold pedal and internal LED light allow you to apply wheel weights accurately every time, too. And, impressively, the WB12 can accommodate rims of up to 32” in diameter!


When it comes to value for money, we think you’d really struggle to match the WB12. Explore its standout features and order yours online today.


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