Product Focus: Atlas WB12

Product Focus: Atlas WB12 Wheel Balancer In the garage equipment industry, the Atlas brand has quite the reputation. Originating from across the pond, this esteemed American brand has been trusted by garages for decades now – and its products are finally available to purchase here in the UK through Tyre Bay Direct.   Tweaked and […]

Buying Guide: Semi-Automatic Wheel Balancers

Buying Guide: Semi-Automatic Wheel Balancers Whether you’re thinking of buying your first ever wheel balancer or are planning to upgrade from an old manual input model, a semi-automatic wheel balancer makes an awful lot of sense. This category is the most popular across the industry, offering an excellent blend of efficiency, ease of use and […]

What Are the Different Types of Wheel Balancers?

What Are the Different Types of Wheel Balancers? New to the world of wheel balancers? On your travels, there are three main types of machine you’re likely to have encountered: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The question is: what do all of these terms mean, and what makes each one different? We’ll take a look […]

Why Choose a Redback Wheel Balancer?

If you’re just starting your business, want to branch out into wheel balancing for the first time or plan to start a mobile tyre fitting and wheel balancing operation, Redback should be your first port of call. Available in the UK exclusively from Tyre Bay Direct, Redback is one of the nation’s favourite budget brands. […]

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