The Best Wheel Balancers For Under £1,000

Are you after a new wheel balancer but don’t want to spend more than £1,000? You can still get an excellent machine for that money. Wheel balancing technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, which means that accurate, efficient and durable machines are now more accessible than ever.

To make things better still, at Tyre Bay Direct you can now order using PayPal Pay in 3. Instead of spending your entire budget in one transaction, this feature allows you to spread the cost over three months, softening the blow and making it easier to budget. Look out for the option when you check out.

Anyway, back to wheel balancers. We have plenty in stock and ready to go, but here are three standout models that come in under your £1,000 budget. Let’s take a look at each one.

Redback 800

This great-value model from entry-level brand Redback comes in at just £645.00 excluding VAT, but still packs a punch.

It is a manual data entry machine, so you’ll have to input the rim diameter, width and offset yourself, but it has a built-in motor to save you the effort of spinning up the wheel manually. Simply lower the hood and off you go. It supports rims up to 24” in diameter, and can also be used with our motorcycle adapter.

Redback 825

The next step up from the RB800, at £750.00 excluding VAT, the Redback 825 has all of the former machine’s great features but adds in semi-automatic functionality.

Its 2D auto data capture feature automatically enters rim diameter and offset following the simple action of touching the measuring arm against the rim, saving you the hassle of checking or measuring it manually (although you still need to input the wheel width yourself). If you expect to use your balancer frequently, the time savings offered by this machine will soon prove invaluable!

Atlas WB Lite

Atlas Equipment isn’t a name you’d normally associate with budget equipment, but its entry-level WB Lite model allows you to enjoy the manufacturer’s renowned build quality and precision for an affordable price: just £995.00 excluding VAT.

Its feature set is similar to the Redback 800, with manual data input and a motorless, hand spin balancing process. It does, however, support rims up to 26” in diameter, larger than the Redback machines can handle. The main advantages of the WB Lite are its compactness (without a lowering hood, it’s ideal for cramped workshops or mobile installations) and its durability: Atlas is second-to-none in the build quality stakes.

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