New range of lifts – January 21st, 2011

Tyre Bay Direct are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new range of lifts.  Robustly constructed by Unite, who for seven years have been working with Tyre Bay Direct on their range of tyre changers and wheel balancers, these lifts are available in a two-post or four-post construction.

The TBDEL01 model is a four ton capacity two post H-frame lift, equipped with a double – hydraulic and electric – anti-skid device to fully maximise operator safety.  The lift is available with traditional manual locking, or with a high-tech electromagnetic locking device for optimised reliability.  Both models are fully equipped with an energy saving control board, crash pad to protect car doors and an integrated dust cover to prolong the life of all components.

Also in Tyre Bay Direct’s new range of lifts is the TBDEL02WA; a four-ton four-post lift perfectly adapted for use in a four wheel alignment application.  The sliding plate and height of this lift are both fully adjustable to suit any vehicle coming through the doors.  The lift’s sturdy construction is thanks to its steel breaking rope and height limiting control switch which, alongside the model’s other safety features, make the TBDEL02WA a reliable choice for any workshop.

As with all of Tyre Bay Direct’s garage equipment and tyre machinery, full training and installation packages are available and these lifts are supplied with a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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