Tyre care advice to give your customers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of how important tyres are. As the one component that directly connects a car to the tarmac, they have a vital role to play in keeping us safe on the road. Having good brakes and suspension is one thing, but without the tyres to match, stopping distances remain high and handling remains unpredictable – and the consequences can be tragic.

With all that in mind, it’s important to give your customers regular advice about the condition of their tyres and how it affects their safety. Here are four key tips to remind them of.

Inflating to the correct pressure

The pressure of the air inside a tyre has an enormous impact on the way it behaves. Too low and the handling is wayward and unpredictable; too high and the contact patch is reduced (and so is grip). As if that wasn’t bad enough, tyre pressure can significantly impact rolling resistance – so advising your customers to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure could help them save on their fuel bills.

Regular inspections

Some motorists only get their tyres checked by a garage at their annual MOT test, choosing to skip services. This can have serious consequences, though. It’s wise to remind them to check their tyres themselves by inspecting the sidewalls and measuring the tread depth. Your words of advice could make all the difference.

Avoid mixing brands

Anyone in the trade knows it’s unwise to mismatch tyres across an axle, but some customers might choose to risk it. Make sure you fill them in on the risks of doing this and the implications it could have in an emergency situation – particularly in the wet.

Prepare for winter

We’re not widespread users of winter tyres here in the UK, but maybe we should be. They don’t just help in the snow – their softer compound allows them to cling onto the road much more readily in sub-zero temperatures, improving safety. A lot of motorists don’t know this, so it’s worth mentioning, particularly if they do a lot of rural B-road miles throughout winter.

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