What do people look for when deciding where to go for their new tyres or tyre repairs? – February 17th, 2014

What do people look for when deciding where to go for their new tyres or tyre repairs?

Our first guess would be price closely followed by reliability. Everyone, whether they be male, female, younger or older, wants to know that their vehicle is in good hands when going in for any type of repair. Without proof it is hard for anyone to tell whether someone does have the right experience especially with little to no legal qualifications are required to do the job. We are fully aware that it can be easier said than done trying to convince your potential new customers that your garage is the best around town which is one of the reasons we have introduced the tyre fitting course.

Tyre Bay Direct’s High Performance Tyre Fitting Training course may be the first step to persuading your customer’s of the impeccable service you provide. This course has been successfully running for just over 1 year and has proved even more popular than we could have ever imagined. We have had some absolutely superb feedback from the tyre fitters who have attended the course with many commenting that they would gladly recommend it to a friend.

The course is held in our own premises with all the facilities needed to learn everything you need to know to become a qualified tyre fitter. Starting with one full day of theory you will learn in detail everything from tyre sidewall markings and run-flat technologies to limits of wear and serviceability and much more. On the second day of the course you will be hands on with our Unite tyre fitting machines and wheel balancers. Here you will be taught an array of practical jobs from the safe removal and replacement of tyres, including the more difficult high performance and run-flat tyres, to tyre inspection and fault reporting.

On the third and final day you will put your practice to the test as you complete a short multiple choice examination and are observed for the practical part of the assessment. All paperwork is then sent to the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) where it is officially marked and approved. Providing you have passed the course you will receive an IMI approved certificate in High Performance Tyre Fitting which you can proudly display in your garage to boast about your qualified tyre fitters to your existing and potential new customers giving them complete confidence in the services you provide.

Call us today on 0845 900 2130 or 01527 883 580 for more information about our tyre fitting courses.

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