A few years on since the introduction of TPMS (“Tyre Pressure Monitoring System”), we are finally beginning to see a more rounded knowledge on TPMS from business owners and a more comprehensive offering from manufacturers to suit.

Back in 2015 when the new laws on TPMS were put in place, the industry was worried a lack of experience with these systems could hurt business – especially as the new laws meant cars were able to fail their MoT’s because of improper functioning systems.


Over the last year, Tyre Bay Direct have brought into the market a broad range of TPMS valves, tools and equipment, helping to bring awareness and enable garages to offer these much needed services to customers.


The team not only supply essential sensors and the necessary diagnostic tools to deal with these services, but through manufacturer training, our expertise are also on offer to best advise garage owners.

As with every industry, TPMS advancements have progressed so quickly that equipment becomes out of date in a flash. Tyre Bay Direct are already supplying essential updates and upgrades to ensure garage TPMS equipment is always programmed with the latest versions.


Partnered strategically with top TPMS suppliers in the UK, Tyre Bay Direct are among the first providers on the newest TPMS equipment available.

Recently introduced to the market, the brand new EU-Pro Hybrid 3.5 represents the next generation of TPMS sensors – they are the most advanced sensors to date! With the ability to future proof, gone are the days of these valves becoming obsolete.

Discover the new EU-Pro Hybrid 3.5 sensors in our blog:

For more information: 01527 883 580 or visit our product range online!

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