Fed up of shopping around for your garage? Essential tools from under £3

Are you finding time is easily wasted looking for all the workshop tools & equipment needed to keep your business running smoothly?

Are you watching your team struggle as they must share or just don’t have essential garage tools that make them faster fitters?

Here’s an idea! Try ordering online one evening.

Tyre Bay Direct is online 24/7 meaning you can take some time out one evening to place an order for all the garage tools you’re missing.

Simple tools that you might not know you need

New tools are coming out constantly to make tyre fitting easier. These often cost next to nothing but can speed up tyre fitting massively.

Perhaps it time you stocked out of some of these budget tools that can save you time and your fitter’s stress?

Garage Tools you need from under £3:

£2.94 incl VAT£2.45 excl VAT
In Stock
£5.88 incl VAT£4.90 excl VAT
In Stock

Tyre Fitting Tools & Accessories

Black Wheel Weight Pliers

£15.66 incl VAT£13.05 excl VAT
In Stock

Tyre Fitting Tools & Accessories

No-Mark Wheel Weight Pliers for Aluminium Rims

£20.40 incl VAT£17.00 excl VAT
In Stock

Tyre Fitting Tools & Accessories

Heavy-Duty Wheel Weight Pliers Heavy-Duty

£14.88 incl VAT£12.40 excl VAT
In Stock
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