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Atlas Platinum Equipment - PVL4000 blog highlight


Navigating your way through the vast amount of suppliers and available models of car lifting equipment can be confusing. After all, every two post lift is the same right?


Many 2 post car lifts are designed specifically for a certain weight category, which also means the lift set up and features are better suited to specific types of vehicles. These varying specifications change the operational process, with high quality features making your life easier or not.

Easier vehicle lifting? That’s a no brainier…

The best 2 post car lift available!Atlas PVL4000 Vehicle Lift

Over the past couple of years, our partnership with American Auto Giants, Atlas, has meant a supply of incredible garage equipment machinery tweaked to suit the UK market:

Offering the first wheel aligner to our Tyre Bay Direct range.

Supplying ‘super automatic wheel balancing’ in the shape of the Platinum PWB90 balancing machine.

Now, we introduce a brand new two poster to our vehicle lift range. The Atlas PVL4000 is considered to be the best 2 post car lift available at this pricing.

Tyre Bay Direct is also the only online store you can purchase this 2 post car lift from in the UK – we are proud to be the exclusive distributor!

Premium Features

To make the Atlas Platinum range is no mean feat. The experts have designed this 2 post car lift with European vehicles in mind – offering the same incredible build quality and high-performance features that is to be expected of Platinum equipment.

Built to do a job, not built to a price, the PVL4000 enjoys an extra heavy-duty construction, featuring premium spec carriages, re-enforced columns and expertly engineered lifting arms. What more, it comes with 12 months parts and labour warranty, cementing the belief in its quality.

Triple-stage arms make this lift extremely versatile for a wide variety of vehicles and a Single-Point Locking Release Function (SLR) really sets it apart.

This machine also boasts a robust electronic locking system to ensure safety is of the highest standard.

Offering a premium service with Platinum equipment!

Check out the PVL4000 online today and see how our latest two post lift could change your lifting game.

Need more information? Contact us online today or call our specialists on 01527 883580 to discuss this Platinum lifting machine in more depth.

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