Tyre Bay Direct: Best Savings at Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and the forever hectic January is bearing down upon us; so with the season of giving in mind, we wanted to share with you our best savings for this festive period. Whether it be stocking up on consumables for the winter or updating your current tyre fitting equipment to […]

9 Top Tips for Buying Second Hand Equipment

Purchasing second hand tyre fitting equipment can be a nervy investment! Will the tyre machine be exactly as the seller described? Will it be the right model with original parts? Most importantly, will it function fully and do the job intended? To help you when looking into second-hand equipment we have compiled our top tips for […]

Good, Better, Best! Tyre Bay Direct Packages

  Whether you are starting a new tyre fitting business, on a specific budget, or looking for that premium statement for your garage services, we have the tyre fitting equipment package to suit you! Here at Tyre Bay Direct we offer a range of tyre fitting equipment packages from a range of suppliers, meaning we […]

Getting to Grips with Commercial Garage Equipment

  With such a wide variety of Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers available, knowing which equipment is suitable for commercial vehicles can be like walking into the unknown. Here at Tyre Bay Direct we make sure it is easy for you to differentiate from the standard class 4 garage equipment, and the big class 7 […]

Winter Tyres: The Debate.

  It is the same discussion every year when it comes to winter weather and if it is necessary to apply appropriate tyres or not. But is it really worth the expense? Before you even consider investing in winter tyres, make sure that the manufacturer of your car recommends the use of such tyres otherwise […]

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