The first lockdown produced shocking levels of speeding in the UK!

  • 56% of cars exceeded the speed limit on 30mph roads
  • 53% of cars sped on motorways
  • 12% of cars admitted to speeding on national speed limit single carriageway roads

Let’s take you back to April 2020 – the pandemic has struck, the whole country is in lockdown, most individuals are either working from home or furloughed, and the UK roads are emptier than they ever have been…

New data released by the Department for Transport has shown that more than 50% of cars and vans that graced the UK roads in the first lockdown, went above the speed limit through towns and on the motorways. Compared to 2019, vehicle speed compliance for both cars and vans has decreased, with the percentage of drivers speeding increasing in all areas.

A statement from RAC road safety…

RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said:

“It’s clear that some drivers dangerously took advantage of quieter roads to drive far faster than they would do in normal times. What’s particularly concerning were the levels of non-compliance on 20 and 30mph roads, many of which are in residential areas and close to schools.

“If traffic volumes don’t return to pre-pandemic levels, it would be terrible if the lockdown legacy was an increase in the number of drivers who consistently speed.”

What does this mean for vehicle maintenance services?

As many of you already know, an increase of speed will put extra strain and pressure on different parts of the vehicle, meaning more frequent maintenance will be required to keep the vehicle in a roadworthy condition.

For example, driving over the speed limit means a driver’s reaction time will be reduced, which is likely to lead to late and sudden braking. This places a lot of strain on the braking system, wearing out your pads and discs, alongside the tread on the vehicle’s tyres.

It can be assumed then with the increase of speed on UK roads, garage services will be required more often, and you need to ensure your garage is able to cope with the extra demand.


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