The first lockdown produced shocking levels of speeding in the UK!

56% of cars exceeded the speed limit on 30mph roads 53% of cars sped on motorways 12% of cars admitted to speeding on national speed limit single carriageway roads Let’s take you back to April 2020 – the pandemic has struck, the whole country is in lockdown, most individuals are either working from home or […]

Motorcycle Tyre Changing: an entirely new revenue stream for your garage?

  Many garage owners and mechanics alike don’t realise the number of missed opportunities they fail to take advantage of when it comes to motorcycle tyre changing. Some don’t have the capacity or means to conduct motorcycle tyre fitting, whilst others simply fail to market it. We’re approaching the time of year where numerous riders […]

What Equipment Do I Need For Motorcycle Tyre Changing?

‘What equipment do I need for motorcycle tyre changing?’ is one of the most common questions we are asked, and usually it’s the most simple to answer, and can be a little surprising! The main confusion generally comes from not knowing whether you need specific equipment for motorbikes. You may already know that you can […]

Starting Up Your Own Motorcycle Tyre Fitting Workshop

  No matter what industry you start your own business in, it is always difficult to purchase the latest industry-leading equipment needed to succeed from day one. A tyre fitting workshop for motorcycles is no different – and the equipment doesn’t come cheap. The most cost-effective approach to purchasing motorcycle workshop equipment, is to acquire tools […]

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