Tyre Bay Direct urges all tyre retailers to explore TPMS further – January 14th, 2013

Tyre Bay Direct urges all tyre retailers both experienced and new to explore TPMS further. Tyre retailers have a major new profit opportunity with the TPMS legislation which came into place November 2012. With Tyre Bay Direct’s expertise and wide product range, tyre traders and garages have every reason to get involved.

Tyre centres and garages are missing and excellent opportunity to generate extra revenue from service kits, replacement sensors and triggering and updating the ECU. Alternatively you could send your vital customers away to the dealership, but with close to 8 million vehicles already sold with TPMS systems, and from 2014 all new cars will be sold with TPMS, Tyre Bay Direct have seen a vast amount of their customers cleverly take advantage of this legislation.

Tyre Bay Direct has gone to great lengths to create one of the most advanced TPMS search facilities available, giving you information in seconds. By entering only the make, model and year of the vehicle, the website allows you to identify the exact sensor or service kit you require.

To get started with TPMS, Tyre Bay Direct offer starter kits from their basic TPMS kit which includes service kits and valves, to their premium TPMS kit which will allow you to do everything without the need to send your customers anywhere else, keeping them loyal to you and your garage.

Setting TPMS up in your garage with Tyre Bay Direct will be simple, fast and most importantly a worth while investment. Visit the TPMS section on Tyre Bay Direct’s website to learn more.

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